Monday, June 04, 2007

almost the end.

The weekend was as great as I'd hoped it be - I knit during the ceremony (starting and then turning a picot edge on a simple sock), walked across the stage without incident (rolled up diploma in hand) and was gracefully hooded (by someone I'd asked to do the honor). The pictures that were taken are still making their way off of everyone's camera - my hope is that there are a few good ones to pass around and share. (I'll post some pictures and a general "review" of my four years of med school later this week....)

As for what to do with this blog - I've been thinking about it for the past few months. This online space has allowed me to meet and become good friends with people across the Northeast and the number of people I consider honorary aunts has tripled. I've stayed in your homes, taken care of your kids and cats and shared more of myself with you than my med school classmates could comprehend. Knitting and spinning kept me going, and the knitterly events (be it a book signing, fiber festival or simply a knit-in) stood out on my calendars as events Not To Be Missed.

That being said, this space has also been a jumping point for some crazy emails, bizarre comments and uncomfortable confrontations. I believe in ignoring those who cause trouble and not feeding the trolls, and now is a good time for me to walk away. I've edited some of my past entries but things are still google-able, and my position as a soon-to-be resident is one that I want to guard much more carefully.

I won't give up blogging but I am going to take a break. Once I establish myself somewhere else I'll spread the word around - if you'd like to know when a new site goes up, send me an email and I'll let you know. I'm not trying to be secretive, just more cautious.

(pictures, med school recap, etc, to follow later this week...)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

the end of the beginning

I've been counting down to this day for the past year and so it seems a bit sureal that it's here. Later this morning I'll say the osteopathic oath and have the degree of doctor of osteopathy conferred upon me - a simple step that stands between medical student and resident physician.

The shawl isn't done - a mistake turned into a garbled mess and so I put it down yesterday. It will be finished, just not in time for today's ceremony. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

I've got new sock yarn and a set of bamboo needles ready to go for the (potentially) lengthy ceremony; the only caveat is that I've been talked out of taking it up with me to be hooded.

Today is here.

I couldn't be happier.