Sunday, June 04, 2006

52 Weeks

My time on surgery is now 2/3 over and at this point in time it looks like the six weeks after that will be spent on a family practice rotation. This past week was memorable because one of the surgeons starts his one-day-a-week in the OR with ABBA; there is NOTHING like having "Mama Mia" stuck in my head all day long.

I have been knitting and thought it best to provide photographic evidence for those wondering when the last time I picked up the needles was:

Socks are my current best friends, being that they are pick-up’put-down’able enough to keep my company while on my surgery rotation. The pink one is a finished trekking sock (waiting for a mate to be started and for the toe to be k'd), and the one on the left is regia sock yarn that I love but the heel doesn’t quite fit right so they’ll be for my narrow-footed mom. The greyish one actually has flecks of reds and blues and has been worked on for far too long. (It was with me the last time I saw Stephanie Harlot speak and the heel still isn’t turned….) The dark pink previously-frogged yarn on the far right has been started three times. I just can’t tell what kind of a sock it wants to grow up to be.

The “square” (haaahaaaaahaaaa) is an attempt at using kitchen cotton yarn. I tried to make a mitered square but it was a disaster and ripped twice before starting a log-cabin’esque type of thing. The eventual goal was for a double sided oven mitt thing, but now I’m not sure it’s worth continuing. It wasn’t a total loss because knitting it kept me busy during breakfast this morning and I’ve learned from this whole experience.

in the “doesn’t (knit) along well with others” aspect of my life, I’m overdue with an Amazing Lace update. I haven’t knit lace (not counting the things that I have unintentionally put holes in) and trying to find the perfect first project has been harder then I thought it’d be. I put in an order for a few lace patterns and once they arrive (this week?) I’ll pick one and dig in. The yarn has already been acquired and I’ll warn you that it isn’t lace weight. I need to start with something that has a little instant gratification, and sock wt/sport wt is the way to go. (or the way I’m going to go…) Being a week (or more) behind isn’t new for me, but I do hope to catch up and stay on top of it this summer.

The wheel (yet to be named… I really want to call it Lyle (Louet) but I think that verges on cheezy. I don’t really like cheeze.) should/will be here this week (pending UPS’ behavior). I am excited. Very, very excited. The Maine Fiber Frolic this coming weekend seems to have timed itself perfectly with this purchase and I do believe that some fiber will come home with me….

My recent house switch-around-getting-ready-to-catsit-for-another-set-of-cats has me wanting to create a sign of sorts that reads “Home is where the Yarn is.” This reminder could go with me as I move around for the next year while in rotations. Right now I’ve got things in three houses and haven’t emptied out my old car (I bought a new’to’me car) so my yarn is spread out far and wide. This weekend, when I spend time in the new (4th) house, my goal is to gather everything up and put it all in one place. I won’t remove everything from student housing (house #2), by my white car is parked there and it’s a treasure trove of odds and ends. And the trunk is full of sock yarn and my Mason-Dixon Book – both things I need to spend some serious time with. I also need to empty the car before donating it to charity and now’s a good a time as ever….

(I am not looking forward to that packing/moving everything adventure but I can’t wait to see all of my yarn again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and my yarn and I are overdue with a reunion.)

A year from yesterday I’ll be graduating from medical school…let the countdown begin.


Anonymous Bookish Wendy said...

You should TOTALLY name the wheel Lyle. Seriously.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

I'm with you on the countdown.

Lyle sounds fine. Am I missing something?

3:28 PM  
Blogger maryse said...

i'm with wendy -- you should name the wheel lyle. i love it. (or should i say louet?)

5:16 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Wahoo! I'm counting down with you. Can you believe that I was in a coffee shop today and someone asked me what I do, and I said I'm a doctor. Eeek! It's true, but weird. Family will be a great rotation for the summer - and so much fun for you. Good luck with the end of surgery.

6:24 PM  

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