Thursday, September 29, 2005

a guest blogger steps in....

note from Kristen: thank you for all of the "facts!" I've learned a few things and have had a good time reading everything. There's still time - leave me a fact and I might send you some yarn...

my pictures of rabbits and blue-ribbon hand knit scarves from the fair are in the works. Until they are posted, here's something from my friend Katie. I've done my best to influence her and though it's been a slow, but steady process, I think we're getting somewhere.(now that she's used numerous needle sizes my plan of converting her to all natural fibers can commence...) Enjoy!


Insert cleaver title hereby Katie,Guest blogger & Field Correspondent

For those of you waiting for a new knitting post from Kristen, I regret to inform that you are out of luck today. However, I am delighted to stand in her place while she studies for her boards. I do not have a blog of my own, and a while ago I promised a guest appearance...(since you all have seen the cow atop the computer in my lab (see Monday May 2 post) and the stash - o - yarn we picked up at the Periwinkle sheep (See August "what I did on vacation" post)) and the "How to become an "official knitter"(see August 28 post)."

My mom is a knitter and tried to teach me when I was eight, but I didn't have the patience for dropping and adding stitches and figuring out what was wrong and ripping out and the like. So I didn't get much past half of a yellow baby bonnet for a cousin, who must be 18 by now. I went home last Thanksgiving to my mother feverishly knitting up a storm in anticipation of the arrival of her first grandson, Mathias, my nephew.

(show here in a made-with-love-from-Nana sweater and blanket set)

And there it was that I caught the bug. I borrowed some needles and bought some yarn and went to work. I think I knit 3 scarves (novelty yarn, size 13 needles), and then I started a "blanket" for Ty in December (knitting ( I know, I went ghetto with cheap Simply Soft yarn from a *mart store...forgive me!) a bunch of green and blue sampler squares and putting together, but I graduated to a size 8 needle!). It was progress. It was ambitious. I got about four squares done and put it happened, and I did not pick it up again until August.

There I was, headed to Albany to spend a week with my dear Kristen. I knew I should bring my knitting in hopes that Kristen's passion for the knit might rub off. But I had no idea about the yarn store trips we'd make...suddenly I fell to the mercy of the fun scarf yarns. The yarn started speaking to me. Visions of Christmas presents danced in my head. Kristen was of no help to keep me away, but I will admit that she didn't pressure the purchases, they just came to me of my own will. Suddenly I wanted knit. And knit I did. I bought a few more sizes of needles, and learned the drop-stitch from my mom to make more lacey scarves and patterns (see middle bluish/purple and red scarves below). And bear with me, I'm working on the blocking bit...

(an ensemble of scarves for Christmas)

Then I ventured for the size 35 needles with the blue yarn - those are fun! (and I really like how they look at the end.)

the blue scarf, made with (gasp) size 35 needles. (ignore the half dressed man in the background...) To be continued....?


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