Saturday, September 10, 2005

and, finally, the sock on the right (Trekking XXL) was what I did last night while watching the finale of Six Feet Under. The sock on the left is the neverending sock that I hope gets finished this weekend. That's the heel I turned without directions and it's a bit too small but it fits well enough that I'm not ripping back to fix it. (long hard days in the hospital have put "fun" knitting in perspective - my mistakes are simply design elements.)


Anonymous Kim said...

I can commiserate with you......I too am working on the never~ending sock. It will definitely be gifted to someone, as I am definitely tired of looking at it..LOL!

6:15 PM  
Anonymous margene said...

I love the colors of your Trekking! I like your knitting 'attitude'...just go with it;-)

3:27 PM  

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