Tuesday, May 03, 2005

a request for help from the knitting/blogging world

once upon a time I fell in love with a sock yarn; it was during a yarn sale and there was a sock on display knit up in the beautiful yarn. I searched high and low for the skeins, but they were "out" of it, and couldn't tell me if/when they were getting more.
Since then I've secretly looked everywhere for it - every yarn shop I visit and every online store I can find. I did a search for it last weekend and emailed a few online vendors to see if they really had some in stock and the few that have gotten back to me suggested that it's been discontinued because even though they "list" it, they don't actually have any!
I'm looking for regia stretch sock yarn, in the "fantasie" colorway, #82. Is it in a yarn store near you? is it in the back of your sock yarn stash? and if so, are you willing to part with it? I'm willing to buy them, or trade something with you or buy you something special; somehow not being able to find it is leading me to want it more...........help!
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Blogger J. said...

Sorry no sock yarn but your chibis will be in the mail tomorrow. I hope you find some yarn.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Bridget said...

I don't know if you already checked yarn-shop.co.uk in England. They have it listed on their web site. The US price works out to about $5.71 a ball. The shipping is reasonable. It does take up to a month for orders to come in though. They have great prices on Addis too.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Lorette said...

Closer to home, Fuzzy Mabel lists it on the website. Don't know if it's in stock, though. http://www.fuzzymabel.com/yarn/schachenmayr/sm_regia_stretch.shtml
I've ordered from this shop without difficulties. Good luck; I understand the obsession completely!

12:36 PM  

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