Sunday, May 01, 2005

happiness is.....

- a break between rain showers
- eatting ice cream for breakfast (I need to go grocery shopping...)
- the searches of "decaf tea for urinary track infections" and "knitted stethescope socks" that brought people to this site (sorry I can't help you, but if you figure out the answers to your questions, please let me know!)
- no class tomorrow
- a parking spot on the right side of the street
- the cow finding a good home with a friend of mine who needed cheering up
- learning who my sp4 was (she did a great job and I was lucky to have someone who "knew" me so well!

It's a short, random list this week; things are getting hairy here, and that can only mean it's the end of the year. Not having class tomorrow is made up for with the three exams we have this week: two written and one practical. We don't have a whole lot of "class time" scheduled in, so there is technically "time" to study, but I can only study for so many hours at a time, and no matter how much time I put in I always wind up feeling unprepared.

The start of the month of May is bittersweet; I'm excited that April is over, but it means the month of June is even closer. Our boards are a bit different then the ones Alice and Mia are taking; I'm scheduled to have two 8 hour days of a pencil/paper exam on June 7/8th. I've been doing practice exams, but still have a lot of information to review over the next few weeks...

I haven't posted recent pictures of the Dulaan hats, but will this week. A classmate of mine asked me to knit up a few chemo caps for an organization her sister is a part of; she doesn't have a whole lot of details, but they will be sent to women in Mexico. I picked up a few skeins of LB Boucle yarn (in bright colors - I think machine washability is important, hence the LionBrand) and finished one this afternoon while studying. They'll go quickly as I study this week.

My progress on the cotton fleece sweater has been halted, though I worked like mad to get to where the arms are seperated. That magical spot made the sweater come alive, and now it looks more like a cardigan, and less like a pile of stripes. I emailed the folks at Brown Sheep to let them know about the un-dyed sections, and as of today, haven't heard back. I'll be sure to share what they say if/when I hear from them.

My motivation for studying comes in fits and spurts; I took a "personality vs. study" type test when I first entered med school and the results stated something along the lines of how I need to feel connected to what I'm studying in order for me to learn it. That just about sums me up, although I wish it didn't. I can't just learn things for the sake of learning them (or, as is more often the case, memorizing for the sake of memorizing) and finding the energy to committ five systems of pharmacology to memory (cardio, renal, GI, repro and endocrine) has been exhauting this weekend.

I will be glad when this year is over and I'm working with patients; I have a feeling it will be easier when I have a name and a chart to work with.


Anonymous Nikki said...

Ugh, I hate having to memorize. I'm impressed with your drive, though -- and despite the stress it's creating, it has to be a tiny bit exciting that boards are so close. You're almost done! Our graduating class writes (Canadian) boards on the 9th of May. I went to a conference with a couple of them this weekend, and they kept sneaking in study time between sessions!
Good luck! You can do it!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous mia said...

Paper and Pencil boards!!! I'm jealous, although the fact that they go on for an extra day is stinky. When are you taking yours? When is your last exam over?? I can't WAIT to be done with it all and steal 2 weeks or so of unadulterated freedom! yahoooo!

10:35 AM  
Blogger Meridita said...

a break between rain showers is definitely happiness... it made me happy to see that you wrote that as many people just can't figure out how to derive joy from the "bad" but I love rain, and don't think it is all that bad.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Wow! My package arrived that fast! That is amazing. I am so pleased you liked the yarn... the minute I saw it I thought of you (given your SP questionnaire answers!). My address is correct on package ;-) But, finally, I can post on your blog without calling myself SP!

I love your happiness lists - they make me smile.



2:30 PM  

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