Sunday, May 01, 2005

A May Day Walk (in between spring showers)

a view of the brick sidewalks in need of some re-leveling; we've had a lot of rain this week.

I was the proud owner of the best hampster in the world; after she died, I saw bits and pieces of her (and her behaviors) in squirrels. Our family hopes that she returned as a wild animal and agrees that every now and then there's a squirrel that seems to have a knowing look in it's eye....(Emma the Hampster was a strange little thing who won the heart of everyone - regardless of how much they claimed to hate rodents; I got her after the car accident and she lived (illlegally) with me at school. Her crazy antics in the "ball" I'd let her out in helped get me through my first year of medical school.)

While the rest of the country is saying goodbye to tulips, we're waiting anxiously for them to appear!

one brave bud, a step ahead of the rest

The half-pint sized purple tulips all seem ready to burst open! It won't be long now.....

The daffodils holding on and holding up to all of the rain

I ran across the same squirrel I'd seen earlier on my way home; s/he appeared deep in thought as it dug into the ground. The bench near where this picture was taken had several empty peanut shells on it, so I'm guessing it was looking for leftovers.... Posted by Hello


Anonymous mia said...

Isn't spring the best? I'm amazed at how the sight of some trees budding and flowers blooming can turn ass-nasty Worcester into a not-quite-so ugly place to be! :o) Love the brick walks near your house, so quaint!!

6:11 PM  

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