Sunday, April 24, 2005

happiness is....

- the sun poking through the clouds (after a day and a half of rain) in time for the sunset
- finding the perfect color pink thread for sewing on buttons (who knew I had so many shades of pink thread to choose from?!?)
- my dad buying a harley motorcycle
- knowing I knit too much when I use a ball band from a project as my bookbookbook bookmark.

Overall this has been a low-key weekend, and I'm glad I had some down time before the busy week starts. We have a take home "essay" (read: busywork) due and the days are packed with lectures and my last preceptorship.

I am stalling in starting my next sweater because I'm worried I'm going to run out of yarn; I know it's irrational, and silly and crazy, and it's not like me to "worry" about such things (let alone before I even start them!). I had settled on doing a top down raglan because it'd be easier and more portable and I'm sure once I cast on I'll be so involved in the striping that running out of yarn won't cross my mind again. Until it (potentially) happens. I think it's a sign that I care a lot about this - usually I dive in and knit along, making changes and altering along the way.

(I was going to start it last night but was too tired to make the math of the generic pattern work out; it uses measurements from another sweater and I wrote them all down so I'd be able to keep track of them. It wasn't until there weren't enough stitches that I realized I had only measured one side of the neck and had forgotten to double it....I put it down and went to bed instead of risking more mistakes!)


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