Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a quick "study break" walk....

the purple tulips, all just about ready to burst open

it looks like they are two-tone tulips!

the smaller one looked like it was growing out of the same stem as the larger one - the smaller one is much smaller, but otherwise looks like all of the rest!

another bed of yellow tulips; the theme seems to be one that is willing to test the water for everyone else. (this isn't the same place as the pictures below!)

I'm sure this tree has many stories to tell about all of the kids who, once upon a time, climbed it.....

slowly but surely they are blooming! The pink ones were scattered in among the yellow ones

a few hundred feet away pink (or red?) buds were just starting to show their colors...

I may not have a yard of my own, but I do enjoy living across from the park! Posted by Hello


Blogger margene said...

What a beautiful bunch of tulips!

2:55 PM  

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