Monday, May 16, 2005

Hypothetically speaking, of course...

if one were to think about the knitting project they wanted to carry around (and work on) during a 24 hour time period (during which one will be away from home and one's yarn stash) it'd be important to make sure that it was enough of a project to keep one busy during the whole time, yet be simple enough to be picked up and put down again. Should this project be a multi-colored striped project, it'd be important that all of the yarn was untangled.

Once the yarn is untangled, it'd be important to make sure that all 7 colors are accounted for and safely packed together so that they will be easy to find, and one would want to double and triple check that, indeed, all seven colors are there.

Once one is sure that all seven are there, one should remember to also pack the sweater itself, as the thus-far completed project and needles do one no good (no matter how many colors of yarn are with one) when they are left on a rocking chair an hours drive away.

(I'll be knitting Dulaan hats tonight/tomorrow and once the whole striped sweater is back together I am not cutting the yarn again until I bind off!)


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