Friday, May 13, 2005

....but I play one on tv!

Yesterday and today were full of lectures and practice rotations and today we had both a written and practical exam. The days were long (partially due to being in a windowless conference center) but now I'm certified to run a code (think "code blue") and should be able to follow the prescribed steps to bring a person back to life. All of this week's classes have been like an episode out of ER, or Grey's Anatomy or (it's a reach but perhaps?) Scrubs. I can tie knots with suture material; I can stitch someone up; I can bring a person out of a life-threatening heart beat pattern. This is the stuff that we've all been waiting for.

Most of my classmates had plans to hit the bars tonight and I had a few invitations but instead chose to come home and change back into pajamas and pick up my apartment. I got my sewing machine out and have been making SuperEggplant tote bags, and hope to stay awake long enough to knit more of my striped sweater during Numb3rs tonight. (I want to try and get a few truer to life pictures of the sweater; people who saw it on Wednesday remarked that it looked much nicer in person, and I accepted the challenge of trying to get a better picture of the colors!) I still haven't heard back from Brown Sheep, and this week I found three additional undyed sections. I know the spots aren't the norm, and the other skeins are fine, but it's still frustrating to happen upon a white splotch in the purple yarn!)

I was on the fence about going to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival; I really want to go, but it's a drive to and from and I don't want to be stuck in traffic again. I called a good friend of mine (one of my closest friends from college, and the one who now keeps a stuffed cow in her lab) and she might be in town this weekend. If she comes through then we'll eat good food, drink a few margaritas and knit. If she isn't able to get here then I'll probably hit the road with a course drawn to Concord, NH - either way I'm expecting to have a great (study-free for the last time until boards) weekend. :-)

(if I owe you an email, please hold on - I'll get around to getting back to you this weekend!)


Anonymous Laurie said...

All you need to do is persuade your friend that she needs something at the Sheep and Wool festival. Elementary! Tantalize her with visions of ..........why, stuffed sheep, of course.
Who said they had to be full sized?

2:39 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

Oh, Kristen, I wish I'd known you were on the fence about coming to NHS&W -- I would have INSISTED! Vincent would have, too. Thank you so MUCH for the treats you sent him -- I just can't believe you did that. Seriously, how can you be so thoughtful!

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Renata said...

Your exam schedule sounds really hectic! I absolutely abhor spending long periods of time in windowless rooms because I loose all concept of time. At my school the science building has exactly 1 window, and naturally I don't take classes near it. The lack of natural light and sound gives the sense that you're spending more time in there than you actually are-- the only way you can guage the amount of time elapsed is a faulty clock. It drives me insane.

Best of luck!

3:26 PM  

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