Sunday, May 15, 2005

happiness is....

- a weekend off: no studying, no school reading, no board reviewing, no deadlines and no place to be other then where I wanted to be.
- one of my best friends making the two hour drive to get here
- liquid sunshine for the fourth weekend in a row (it's not really something I'm overly happy about but I figure if I take the time to appreciate it next weekend maybe we'll see some sun!)
- The SuperEggplant tote bag pattern
- music sung by David Grey, John Hiatt, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Dar Williams, Nickel Creek, Howie Day and Enya, all perfect for a lazy afternoon

I woke up simply content this morning, and have been holding onto it all day. Katie got here yesterday and we meandered as we saw fit, getting a chance to catch up on what has been going on. We became friends in college, and our friendship was solidified (for life I'm going to assume) when we ran into each other in the Miami, FL airport on our way to the Bahamas to catch up with the rest of our January class. Due to a massive snow storm in the northeast we had each been delayed on our seperate flights, and we re-routed with new flights and travel plans. The whole event deserves more then a few sentences, and now I can laugh about it, but for a short while we both wondered what in the world we were doing. (we were headed to a tiny, tiny island in the middle of nowhere with some of the slowest and latest running planes I've ever travelled on...).

I did consider trying to convince her that we should head over to NHS&W, but before we knew it the afternoon had arrived and we were both in the mood to sit around and knit/watch a movie. I had really wanted to see "What the &%*&$ Do We Know?" and she was willing to watch it too. It was a great movie, and I want to watch parts of it again so I can write down what a few people said. Much like the people I know who saw it and reccomended it to me, I can't put into words what the movie is about, or what the "plot" is. It's about the physics of life and the neuroanatomy of love and how our own experiences fit into the puzzle of it all. I enjoyed it.

(we also decided that we are well on our paths to growing up; we're two single 25 year olds who were in bed by 10:30 last night. By 10ish we were both yawning and contemplating pajamas. We never did break out the alcohol and instead drank clear soda and plenty of tea. This coming from two gals who used to go grocery shopping a midnight on the weekends, simply because we could!)

On the knitting front I was able to get another few "liner" hats done for the Dulaan project. I have two more to make before the ones I've been working on are done, and then I'm going to send the box out! The hats will be joined by two (in good condition store made) sweaters that are made of thick wool and are a bit short on me. They are two of the ones I typically pull out to wear on the coldest days here and it's my hope that they'll fit someone else better on their cold days!

I did get a few additonal stripes done on the striped sweater, but spent just as much time untangling the seven skeins of yarn. I had been pulling the strands through the mess of yarn, but the mess got to be too much and my only option was to cut the colors and spend some time getting everything sorted out. (it didn't help that the center-pull skeins were starting to collapse on themselves!) Now I've got to make balls out of what is left and figure out a way to keep everything seperate before I pick it up again. (I've been eyeing what I have left and really, really, really hope it's enough for a long-sleeved sweater....)

Tomorrow our board review classes start, and I'll hit the ground running again. I'm headed north to my parents neck of the woods tomorrow night to catch up with them and for an acupuncture appointment on Tuesday. I've been seeing an acupuncturist for almost a year (on the reccomendation of my doctor) and it's helped to keep me going. She has taught me a lot about my body and how some aspect of Chinese medicine can be applied; I look forward to the appointments and how I will feel afterwards!

My newest quandry is about heading to Massachusetts - do I go next weekend to the Web's Tent Sale, or do I wait a weekend and go to MAS&W? Decisions, decisions......


Blogger Kristin said...

we have the same taste in music. Glad you had a good weekend.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Let me know if you decide to go to MA Sheep and Wool. I'm going on Sunday, probably with my M.I.L. And I have a gift certificate to Webs burning a hole in my pocket...
-Danielle (

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend. I cringed when you said you cut the yarns, although I wondered how you kept it all straight as I watched last week. I'm going to MS&W. I start the wean to weightbearing the Tuesday before.

5:37 AM  

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