Sunday, May 08, 2005

happiness is....

- Annie's mac and cheese (with the rabbit of approval!)
- hot tea with fresh lemon
- knowing that this week I'll get a chance to meet both the Harlot and a few medical types who knit (note to self: in order to avoid being stuck with only scrubs to wear, do laundry before Wednesday.) (AND there is a Trader Joe's near by so I'll be able to stock up on good food!)
- quality, not quantity
- looking forward to reading everyone's stories from MS&W
- Regia Sock yarn on it's way here from overseas
- tomorrow's exam being the last major one before boards; and after it's over (tomorrow morning) I'll be able to knit myself into a dazed stupor during the rest of the day's classes.

There is an on-going debate amongst my classmates about if a Friday exam is better or worse then a Monday exam; and how both compare with a middle of the week exam. Some insist that they need the weekend before a test to study, and thus a Monday exam is better; some say that a Monday exam makes the week drag on, as they never feel like they get a break and therefore a Friday exam is better. The one thing we're all in agreement about is that two midweek exams followed by a major Friday exam followed up by a HUGE Monday exam is the worst case scenario. It's a scenario that we're all in the homestretch of right now, and we'll be glad when it's over. I need to do exceptionally well on tomorrow's exam in order to boost my overall pharm grade, and as far as I'm concerned the evening is young. (right now I'm in okay shape as far as the material goes, but I'm not giving up yet!)

All of the pharm studying cut into my knitting time. I tried to work on the striped sweater but I'm worried that my tension will be off, so I put it aside. I started a chemo cap using the LB boucle, but it's tough yarn to work with when I'm not looking, so it got cast aside as well. My last study break was used to pull out the Dulaan hats and the microfleece I have to see what it'd take to line the hats. It's do-able, but looked to be a lot of work either by hand or with my sewing machine. I think I'll line a few of them, but my solution for most of them was to combine them, and sew/seam two hats together. They are toasty warm this way, and I feel better about sending fewer yet warmer hats then many that will need to be layered. (It's also easier for me to knit new "liners" at school then it would be to hand-sew the fleece in with thread and a needle.)

The comments after the "help!" post were helpful, and I emailed both companies mentioned with my own committment to buy the yarn from whichever company got back to me first. The UK company was first, and it wasn't until much later that I realized the time zone difference probably worked for them.... I am looking forward to getting the yarn and finishing up the other socks I've started (for other people) so I can begin a pair for me!

I am looking forward to this Wednesday evening, though I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous to meet up with people that I've met via the virtual knitting community. Laurie is planning on being there, and Mia thought she might be able to zip over. Another knitting med student or two may come up too, and I do think it'll be fun to meet people in person. I had a blast with the Boston Knitters (at the afghan sew-up) and have to remember that my "was this really a good idea?" nerves will fizzle as soon as I see other people knitting in public. :-)

(now if only Lorette , Kristin, Alice and Anne-Caroline were closer.........)


Anonymous etherknitter said...

I'm sure all of us are a little edgy about being on our best behavior. Actually, it's probably closer to wanting to live up to expectations without it being possible to know what those expectations are.

Think of it as an atmosphere of warm acceptance. I'm either quieter in person, or I can't shut up. Who knows which will show up?

Good luck with the exam process. They can do anything they want to you, but they can't stop the clock.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Lorette said...

Oh I wish I could be there too! Sounds like a great time.
I second the "good luck" on the exams. This too shall pass.

11:34 AM  
Blogger margene said...

Have fun and good luck on your exams!

1:30 PM  
Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

I wish! Good luck on exams!

8:33 PM  

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