Monday, February 21, 2005

The weather outside....

is frightful. Visibility is less then 25 feet (which in yarn terms is about how much I had leftover from my the first ball of yarn after making coolaide dyed mittens, or about as much as you'd need to make a decorative I-cord edging for something small, very small) and the snow is falling faster then they can plow it which means that many, many cars are off the road.

I should have listened to my gut this morning and stayed home; it was snowing, and the streets were slick but I still headed in. Classes weren't due to start until 9:30, and I left at 8:34 (after checking my email to see that they were still on as scheduled) in hopes that I'd get into class early. Ha! It took me over an hour (usually a 25 minute drive) and I got stuck at two different intersections on two different hills: a standard on slick, steep hills is NOT a good thing. At one point I put the car in neutral and rolled back to a sidestreet, then slid my way (backwards) down the street so I could catch my breath and eventually turn around and approach the hill from another street.

I got into school and the empty parking lots told me that classes were cancelled. I parked and went in to make sure, and again caught my breath before heading back out to come home. I considered staying at school to study, but didn't have everything I needed and I just wanted to be home; another 45 minutes later I was back in town, and Scarlett the red car is parked over in "parking ban" territory.

I just made a cup of tea and have changed out of my sopping wet shoes, socks and jeans into warm wool socks and a pair of oversized fleece pants. My books are out, and now I have an extra afternoon to study for the two exams this week. (I'll knit this afternoon too!) This is the first year in many that I actually have President's Day "off!" (my undergrad college didn't believe in giving us the day off, much like the med school....)


Blogger Matt said...

I tried to learn how to knit. And I failed. I think it requires patience and dexterity, or at least an attention span. Should I mention I'm wearing a t-shirt today and the weather is in the sixties? Okay, probably not. Cheers!

1:41 PM  

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