Friday, February 18, 2005

If a car computer were hooked up to a monitor,

could you see it blue screen?

The "runs while I'm at a constant speed" theory broke down once I got closer to home Tuesday night, and getting it the 45 minute drive east to be looked at was a drive I can only describe as painful. Thank goodness my mom was driving behind me and could buffer my quick and completely random pull off to the side of the roads stops. (the car wouldn't stall out if I was going, it'd just loose all power and even with my foot on the gas, decelerate till I was stopped. Then I'd have to *turn it off, let it sit for a minute or so, restart it and evalutate if it was still having a problem* (if problem repeat from *), or if it sounded okay, ease my way back into traffic and see how long I'd be able to travel before needing to head to the side of the road again.

(the trip out to the place I bought it from is almost all back roads with two lane roads that have speed limits of up to 55 mph. Most sections have wide shoulders to pull over into, though as you get closer to where the actual garage is, it's a winding 30mph shoulderless-with-lots-of-potholes-back-country road. Those pullovers were the scariest, and the worst because I knew we were....almost...........there..............).

The place I take it to (if you haven't gotten this impression yet) is hidden in the woods, but is an actual Saab Dealership. The man who owns the place has been working on saabs for many, many more years then I've been alive, and takes pride in the car. He knows my family, and when I (eventually) buy a new one, I'll go back out to him. It's worth the trip to get Kennedy out there, though it doesn't feel like it when I'm pulled over for the 8th time.

They looked at it yesterday, and thought they'd fixed it, but it wasn't running right. Further inspection revealed that it was the computer; a part that trumphs the other repair bills I've had this year, but without it, the car won't run. (they know this is the problem because they put another one in, and it ran like a charm!) The area where the computer sits got wet, because of not one, but two leaks, and those were on the repair list as well. My parents are aware of my financial situation, and stepped up to foot the bill on this one - I keep telling them I will pay them back, but they give me a knowing look and tell me that it's okay, at some point it will even out. I'm grateful.

I'm also grateful that they have an "extra" car, Scarlett the Saab, because that's what I've been driving. She's a standard, and I always flinch at the thought of being alone with her stuck on a hill at a red light (common in these parts), but eventually I forget that I'm driving her and shift when I need to. And then I remember that it can be fun to drive a standard! until I want to sip my coffee/tea in the morning and am afraid to pick it up because I might need to shift and so I go hotdrinkless on my trips. Then it looses points.

Kennedy, at this point in the evening, should be fixed, and my parents (who come to the rescue for the millionth time this week) were going to head out to pick her up. We'll trade cars back either later this weekend or next week sometime, and then I'm going to cross my fingers that the rest of this term is incident free. My mom commented yesterday that eventually I'll have replaced anything "big" that she needs to get through the next four years, then, it'll be with a big smile on my face, I'll be able to trade her in and afford something brand new! That sounds like a long, long time away, but I've been reassured by almost everyone that it'll fly by. (four years from now puts me into my second year of residency.)

Both Alice and my secret pal were incredibly insightful about my trip home, and without knowing it, hit the nail on the head. It was nice to be home, and I ate well (comfort food of meatloaf and fresh steamed green beans) and slept great; a break from my apartment and classes WAS a nice change. I made it back last night in time to get a few more hours of review in for today's test; two tests down this week, two more to go next week. (We start the GI system Monday morning and that will get us to spring break.)

Knitting news: I worked some on the blanket, but am far from finished. I did start/finish another few kids hats, and have plans to work on a few more this weekend. I looked to see if I had enough yarn for a sweater to donate, but I don't have enough of any one color to knit one up, so I'm going to stick with hats for now. I need to figure out what size kids these would best fit so that when I send them off I can label the box correctly. I've been aiming for things that'll fit kids ages 3-10, but sometimes things wind up looking smaller or larger then I wanted. (I'll admit, I haven't used any patterns and have been winging them; it's been fun and I figure that it will fit someone.) I heard (via the wonderful world of knitting blogs) of a fiber "thing" happening in this area this weekend and am going to try and get over there tomorrow when the booths are open. (a study break?) I don't have any money to spend, but would love to go look and see what they are offering.

Things are cooling down here and there's talk of snow later in a few days. I rather liked the 45 degree days, but know not to be fooled by mother nature: it is still only February!

(note: for the record spell check wanted to replace hotdrinkless with hydrangeas.....)


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