Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Four months IN A ROW

I've had car problems.

Before you all email me and let me know that it's time to get a new car (won't happen, no money, and with all the $ I've put into this one I need to drive it till the sun doesn't shine...) please know that I love my car. I don't love it as much as I loved my first car, the one that I rolled over in and then walked away from, but it's up there.

to review:
November: Throttle Body replaced (let's just say it wasn't cheap.)
December: Almost Entire Exhaust System replaced (less cheap then throttle body)
January: New Battery (the most expensive battery at the store, but much more cheap then other two events)
February: this morning my Traction Control System light came on, and that means that I stall out (it's an automatic, so stalling out is quite a feat) at stop signs, red lights, and when starting the car/going less then 15mph.

The good news is that they can get me in to look at it tomorrow; the bad news is that the place I take it is over an hour away. (today I thought for sure I'd be stuck at school forever, but managed to get home just now in one piece and only have three possible red lights before I'm back on the interstate (where, with my fingers crossed, she'll run fine.))

It means missing classes tomorrow morning, but I don't think I could get there if I wanted to (waaay too many possible red lights and stop signs on the way to school), so it's north I go. I'll spend the night (and possibly a day or two) at my parents, and then, if my car isn't fixed, drive one of the family cars back down for the test on Friday.

Lovely timing, isn't it? (it's much better then having this happen Friday morning right before the test, so the car gets points for giving me a few days notice.)

My car's name is Kennedy (as I've mentioned before). Some people may think it odd to name a car, but I feel much better saying (or chanting if need be) "C'MON KENNEDY DON'T STOP NOW" then saying "c'mon car, let's go." It also means that I can (potentially) direct explatives at said car if need be, and in that situation feel less crazy when yelling (all potentially of course) at a "name."

So I'm off. I have the Project Linus blanket to work on and a few other small knitting things as well as my renal notes and board review books. With any luck I'll be back in a few days with a completed blanket and a hard earned well deserved higher then average grade; but don't hold your breath on that last one.


Blogger Alice said...

My first car (before I rolled it and then walked away) was a Mazda named Marlene. It's definitely nicer to name a car than to call it names. It's unfortunate that your car is causing you stress now (like you need any more stress) but maybe home will be a nice break and an opportunity to catch up on studying (or maybe catch up on sleep - both are necessary)!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a good rest, and - perhaps - thank Kennedy for giving you a well deserved pit stop on the way to Friday test.

Secret Pal

3:05 PM  

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