Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happiness is..

- fortune cookies and hot tea
- a test that starts at 9am insted of a 8am
- the test being only 1/6 of my grade for the term, and not a make/break exam

it's a short list tonight, partially because I'm tired and distracted by the review cards I have sitting next to me. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: I hate exams.

When I first started letting people know about this website I got wise advice from someone who had been doing it longer; she warned me that people would show up and leave nasty comments, and knowing that was helpful. The post below is a result of me finding out that on a board somewhere, someone has decided it's a "terrible idea" (my new catch phrase for this week) to (I think) write about knitting. I'm more bothered that they "stole" Kristin's sock picture! Linking is one thing, but transferring pictures is another thing, and it's a good reminder that I need to watch what I post.

the fair isle help from the Feral Knitter: when knitting, spread out the stitches on the right hand needle. It sounds simple, but I tried it at the end of the hat, and it did make a difference! I tried to pay attention to my tension as I went along, but this tip made it that much easier (and looser). I've started another 2x2 rib hat and when it's done, and I have some time to sit down and pay attention to it, I'm going to try another fair isle one. I might switch to scarves for this week - I want to have something easy to work on while I study for the renal final.


Blogger Alice said...

Hope your pharm test went well! (At least it's over.) It's a pity that someone's wasting their time on that ACC board criticizing writing about knitting. No one's forcing him/her to read our writing, so why the complaint? I could understand it better if the poster had given a reason for linking to your blog, but "terrible" just doesn't cut it.

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