Monday, February 14, 2005

a Monday.

another test on a Monday, which means that, again, I'm confused about what day it is. This morning was the test, and this afternoon was four hours of class and then a meeting; I didn't get home until late tonight (as was evidenced by my trip around the block a few times to find an on street parking spot.)

I finished the yellow hat today and started on another one in a larger size; they are good in-class knitting, and I'm getting much better at keeping my tension even on double pointed needles. My "extra" stash yarn isn't too exciting to look at, so there will be a few hats in drab colors and a few in bright yellows headed to AZ. I can't justify getting more yarn (even for charity knitting) until I've knit up everything else I have; another reason for me to keep casting on.

Today was Valentine's day, and was as uneventfu as they come until a visting clinican threw bags of chocolate hearts out to us; he's a urologist, and told us the only real heart shaped organ in a body is a pr0state. After thinking about it, I think he's got something there...(the heart really isn't heart shaped at all, but that's for another day...)


Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

I had never thought of that - the prostate. Indeed! Happy Valentine's Day!

1:01 AM  

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