Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happiness is....

- sharing a brick oven pizza with my dad this evening
- getting a phone call from a very good friend just "saying hi!'
- a fresh pot of coffee
- finding a stash of quarters I'd forgotten about
- knowing that Scarlett the car will get me to class in one piece until Kennedy is fixed

It's been a coooooold weekend and I can't wait until spring gets here! I feel like I've already worn each one of my sweaters several times, and find myself wishing I had a few more to choose from; the days of short sleeve t's and lightweight jackets feels too far away....

The pulse warmer (aka wristlets, wrist warmers, cuffs) is for the woman I consider my Godmother. She's been a key person in my life and up until I turned 18 she and her husband were to be my guardians if anything happened to my parents. Her kids stairstep my brothers and I and we all grew up together - they're like my extended family. She's in the hospital recovering from an operation, and has been fighting lung cancer. She doesn't smoke, eats healthy and lives a great lifestyle, but has inoperable spot on her lung. It's hard for me to fathom, because this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen to anyone I actually know and care for, but it is happening.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Naturespun (or something or other - I looked for the ball band but can't find it. (I'm not surprised because my mom picked this skein up two moves ago and things like ball bands didn't always get packed at that point). I looked on the website and can't tell exactly what color it is; it's purple with shades of red and blue and the occasional teal green. I got it to fill in for a project and have been holding onto it since; it's beautiful yarn and the pulse warmers are coming out beautifully. (I used a pattern I bought online to support a Tsunami fund, I'll see if I can find the site)

The spin/spa fiber weekend I visited yesterday was great! The vendors were set up in a ballroom (if there were two of them then I missed one...) and I was able to look around without feeling pressured. The strangest comments I got were about my age; I look younger then I am, but it was hard to have women getting excited about seeing someone "half their age" there. (their words, not mine!) I hope to master the drop spindle (that I'll figure out how to make over my break) so that if I go next year I'll be able to buy fiber to spin. The natural roving I picked up is to use for thrumbed mittens.

I spent a long time looking at books this weekend and I hope it'll pay off during the tests this week. I don't like leaving an exam wondering what exactly I spent my time studying; that's happened more then I'd like this term, and I hope things change this week.

I have another two hats on the needles for the Dulaan project and they're moving right along. I'm enjoying seeing my stash pile of "what am I going to do with that?" yarn turning into hats. My "knitting for other people" month might extend past February......


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