Monday, May 23, 2005

if I do it on both sleeves, does it make it a design element?

In fear of running out of yarn for sleeves I ran to a local yarn shop near school at lunch today. I was hoping they'd have the same colors of cotton fleece I bought from them before, but they've cleared out their brown sheep stock and only one color matched the striped sweater.

If I add a new color of striping to the sleeves, will it look odd? (the new color is a lighter purple and would fit in between the dark purple and the antique lace color)

If the answer is no, then what if I make that new color of striping three knit rows instead of the usual two knit rows (to make the other yarn last longer?)?

Where does making it up as I go along meet intentional design element?

(and will I be able to get it done by Friday? (I doubt it, but who knows; it is only Monday.))


Anonymous etherknitter said...

It's a design element. I completely trust your color instinct on this decision. As far as the striping goes, this is a perfect use of Fibonacci sequencing. That means if the usual knit rows are two, the new color should be four rows. Do three, hold up the rest of the sweater to "substitute" for the sleeeve, and see how it looks. Then do three. Same drill. Etc. I'm hoping it's done by Friday, but NO PRESSURE.

6:29 AM  
Blogger margene said...

Yes to all the above and Laurie has a very good suggestion.

10:14 AM  

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