Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday that feels like Friday (the week before a Monday exam)

so that I will forever (or at least the next week or so) be wondering what day it actually is.

I had this morning "off" (some of my classmates had preceptorships out in doctors offices) and I enjoyed sleeping in and drinking tea in my pajamas. Our presentation was last night, and I'm glad it's over. It went well because I was lucky enough to be paired with people who are able to think on their feet; I work well under time pressure, but have a ways to go before I fell truely confident aswering questions in front of qualified docs as fast as they want me to. The presentation was to diagnose a patient based on a case we were given 48 hours earlier; it's to get us thinking about how we'll prioritize possible diagnoses when we're with patients next year. The whole exercise is well thought out and makes sense, if for no other reason then the experience of being able to complete a thought in "pimping" fashion.

Today feels like Friday because tomorrow is slated to be a "study" day, and we don't have any classes scheduled. I have lots and lots of material to cover and go over before our Monday exam, and think it'll be possible to do well with this "three day weekend."

I'm headed north to my parents house tonight so I don't have to get up early to be on the road for a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The clinical sites we're at next year (and the year after) have strict requirements about our vaccinations and boosters and I'm due for a tetanus booster. I'm not excited about it, and hope that my memory of not being able to use my arm for a few days isn't what will happen this time.

Most of my classmates have already started reviewing for our upcoming boards, and I've got to get going with my own review. I took a long look at several different board review books before ordering the ones that I felt I could justitfy (they aren't cheap!) and they should be here (or there, as they are actually being delivered to my parents house - UPS doesn't like to deliver to apartments) by tomorrow! I'm excited for the shipment for a few reasons; one is that I took a look at a "sale on knitting books" (as a part of their "spring crafts and hobbies sale") that Barnes and Noble was having, and felt I could add "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" and the bookbookbook to my order. I haven't gotten the bookbookbook yet because I kept thinking my lys would have it; they don't yet, and I'm too afraid to go back for fear that I'll buy more yarn.

(Jury is still out on when I might be able to get it signed, but with any luck it will have touched the hands of The Harlot by the end of May....)

(on the buying more yarn subject: Webs is having a massive sale. Things like cascade 220 are included in the sale, and the prices are good. Way too good. I have been visiting the site, and then closing the window for fear I'll buy yarn without thinking, and then later regret it (this has never happened, but there's a first time for everything...). I'm still on a budget, but this week, as I was filling my gas tank, I realized that I don't bat an eye at a $30 tank of gas that will last me two weeks, so why should I feel guilty about $30 worth of yarn that will last much longer then two weeks? And with all that being said, I still have a gift certificate to the local store in my parent's neck of the woods - but I can't bring myself to spend it on just anything, possibly because it was from my parents and it shocked me that they thought of it! I like supporting the locals, trust me, but on a budget it's hard. I am living for the day I can walk into a self-supporting locally owned yarn store and buy whatever yarns appeal to me for a project; that, to me, will be financial success.)

The little one's project is moving along, but true to form I played with the pattern, and hope I remember what I did so the second half will match. It was almost exclusively knit in class, and I need to get some post-it notes to keep in my bag so that my almost illegible handwritten notes (It's true that poor handwriting is a part of my training; I swore it wouldn't happen, but somehow it has....) stick with the patterns I'm using. I have a notecard with the modifications I made somewhere....

I'm cat-sitting for the weekend and with any luck will have pictures of the three fabulous felines playing with handknit catnip mice.


Blogger margene said...

You have a lot on your plate. Good luck with everything. Keep your arm moving after the shot and the arm will be less painful. Maybe knitting will do the trick:-)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Debra said...

I love Ann Budd's book; it is never put away. Which sweater was the midwife wearing from the Green Mtn. Spinnery book? I knitted an Artisan Vest(for the Dulaan Project) and mittens from the book and have the Cozy Vest and another artisan vest on the needles. I enjoy your blog.

11:11 AM  

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