Thursday, April 14, 2005

The radioactive back of a little one's jumper. (of all the pictures I took (trust me, there were many) this is the one that shows the shaping the best. I actually like how it looks like it's glowing; I like to think I've knit some sort of superpower into it for the little one that will wear it..... Posted by Hello


Anonymous mia said...

Hey I LOVE those super bright colors! I made a felted bag using hot pink and turquoise that looks similar in some parts.
Its funny, because I was just saying to my roomie that today feels like Friday, and we have a test Tuesday (day off Monday because MA is a crazy state). That means that next week I'll be all out of whack because Tuesday we only have 2 hours of a 3 day week or something. Anyway, have fun with your folks. Good luck studying!!

5:42 PM  

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