Sunday, April 03, 2005

happiness is....

- my vintage stove-top coffee percolator/espresso maker (which I'll be using from now on as my fully automated with a timer drip coffeemaker brewed it's last cup of coffee (ever) yesterday before dying sometime last night)
- organic creamy tomato soup from a "ready to serve!" resealable container
- knowing that repro is a two exam system (and thus tomorrow's exam is only part of my grade, not my entire grade)
- a new Grey's Anatomy tonight

tomorrow looks to be a busy day in the land of medical knowledge: our repro exam is in the morning (it starts at 10am which will feel like 9am; I hate the spring time change....) followed by a lunch meeting and four hours of class (and perhaps time to knit?). Tomorrow (in the early) evening I'm headed to the clinic for my assigned breast exam/pap smear/pelvic exam experience with the simulated patient volunteer. There will be a nurse in the room with me, but I am still nervous and look forward to the experience being over. I saw more then 15 exams (on "real" patients) last year during a preceptorship, but still worry about how tomorrow will go. I was worried about the prostate exam situation, but had nothing to compare it to. I find myself crossing my legs whenever I look over my materials and know from personal experiences that it can be uncomfortable. (I'll be chanting to myself: they are volunteers, they are getting paid for this, they know how to help me do this correctly...)

I feel as though I am incredibly unprepared for tomorrow's exam and all day have been looking for the motivation to keep studying. The truth? I just don't care anymore. I am tired and sick of school. Now that we all have pseudo "plans" for what our third year will look like, I just want to be done with the lecture hall! That's not to say that I don't like or care about this material, because I do - I just can't wait until it feels clinically based, and isn't as though I'm learning (okay, to be honest I feel like I'm just struggling to memorize, but that's for another day) facts about diseases that are so rare I may never see a case of it. I hope to retain enough knowledge to do well on the boards and be able to get through some of the pimping (PIMP = put in my place = all those questions they ask the students/residents on the medical shows) but I know that I will need to do a lot of reading and looking up next year.

Knitting: I have returned to the sonnet sleeve only to put it down again; the mistakes I've made are foolish, and it hasn't been worth the frustration. I'm packing it to work on tomorrow, but I'm also bringing along my next project. I started swatching for it last night and had a hell of a time trying to figure out which needles to use and why my 4's and 5's were coming out the same. It wasn't until I dug out my gauge-thinger-mybobber that I realized the problem: the 5's were really 4's. Does this happen on a regular basis? I was shocked, and now know that I need to check my needles to make sure they are what they say they are!

(I realize in my pics that you aren't seeing my bamboo needles; I don't own any Addi's (which means that I have room to grow for the future, I know, I know) and until I figure out how to un-kink the plastic on circular needles I'm sticking with my straights. I hate the extra tension I feel when my needles are all kinked up and don't know how all of you tried and true sworn to circulars do it!)


Anonymous Kat in Boston said...

To un-kink cicular needles, I drop them in a bowl of hot tap water for a few minutes then pull on the ends (just hard enough) to keep the cable taut until it cools.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Hi! I don't have your email so I can't send this directly. Thank you for all of the supportive comments on my blog. I truly appreciate you stopping by!

11:56 AM  

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