Friday, April 01, 2005

perhaps knitting during the lottery wasn't a good idea...I ripped back after I made my first mistake only to make a similar mistake a few rows later! (see it in the upper right hand side? those are all supposed to be knit stitches, and I veered from the course and decided to do the box stitch in the wrong place....) I have decided to put this down for the time being and am going to plan what to do next instead. Fixing it once was okay but going back again tonight (I'm tired!) sounds like too much work right now. The lottery is over and most people are pleased with where they are going! I knew what geographic spot I was going to (thanks to the state funding), and track selection wasn't as bad as it could have been; I got my third choice, which wasn't too bad considering I was the 5th person to pick!  Posted by Hello


Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Whew, I think I'm all caught up. You are a busy girl! Congrats on getting through the lottery hurdle. There is certainly not a thing wrong with a little avoidence here and there.

I love those Daisy buttons! They totally make that sweater shine. What a sweet gift!

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