Thursday, March 24, 2005

Laying Low

The stars have alligned themselves, or the moon must be almost full, or something else is sending strange vibes out into the universe…

Or it could be that the second year medical students are tired and cranky and the rest of the world is trying to catch itself up on paperwork. (knitting news is at the bottom, feel free to scan down to the last two paragraphs)

For example: one group at school thought they’d play a joke and send around a fictious “sign up if you are interested in this workshop” sheet in class. It wasn’t funny, and has made several people very angry. (I am not as angry as some but agree that it was completely and totally unprofessional) For students who should be rested and happy to see each other we certainly aren’t….

Someone from an insurance company called today to see if I was going to file a report for the car accident that happened on March 5th of this year. It took some figuring out, but eventaully it was evident that was the night that my car bumper was cracked. I noticed the bumper was cracked when I went out the next morning, but figured someone had hit me trying to parallel park. Turns out an uninsured driver collided with the car parked behind me, and both cars wound up near totalled. The car parked behind me was pushed into my car, and I’m lucky I only had a craked bumper. (the police got involved and the only thing I can figure is that it happened after I’d gone to bed, and because I was parked down the street aways I had no idea what was going on. I am very very very glad I still have my car and the bumper was fix-able with some duct tape and a new bumper sticker!)

I’m also under the (beautiful! and very spring-like!) weather. My sore throat started a few days ago and I kept thinking it’d be better soon. I’m on the third day and hope that today will be the worst of it. Tea and peach sorbet are the only things that are easy to swallow and now my ears are doing that “sore with a touch of echo-y.” I’m a med student; last I checked we’re not allowed to get sick.

Today we had our pap smear/how to do a breast exam lecture and practice with plastic parts. The steps are fairly straight forward, but as most women know there is potential for pain and uncomfortableness. Like the prostate exams, we have an evening time slot when we'll be praticing on standardized patients, and I think the first time has to be the worst.

In other, knitting related news, my pal from across the pond made my week! I had been on the lookout for something fun in my mailbox and it arrived in the form of a package slip. It took a day or two for me to get to the post office during work hours but it was well worth the wait! The beautiful blue/purple/pink yarn screams “Spring!” and the other goodies are already in use! (she sent these great book-mark type things that are perfect for my textbooks! And a fun pencil, a bunny mirror and pin (the pin is on my white coat right now) and some chocolate bunnies! I really do feel like she has figured me out.

Haiku is puttering along and should be done tomorrow; I am almost out of yarn, and technically am done with the pattern, but I’m making the sleeves a bit longer. My mom found daisy buttons and they are sewn on and with a bit of tweaking of the button holes it’ll be perfect! (I have tried taking pictures of it but they don’t come out very clearly, especially now that I’m relying on articificial light.) I’m going to try and get up early enough tomorrow that I can take a picture of a (finished!) sweater and the goodies my pal sent me.


Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

All I have to say is, thank god for those standardized patients...I don't know what would drive someone to volunteer (or even get paid) to do it, but what a help! I hope your karma gets a little has to, right?

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you like the goodies! Sorry you had to get to the Post Office... I wasn't thinking when I put it all in a box!

Take care of your sore throat. And happy Easter!



8:28 AM  

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