Saturday, March 26, 2005


Thanks for bearing with me – between blogger not letting me post or edit, and my current “head filled with snot” condition, it’s been a few days too many since my last real post!

Blogger issues: are rumored to be fixed tomorrow during an upgrade on their end. I hope it all comes out in the wash and is running smoothly soon! (I’ve learned and started composing posts in word because I’ve lost a few too many posts to the “page cannot be displayed” gods and several times I've logged on to see half my page missing; reloading sometimes works but even then I get errors!) If I had an income right now I’d have (done like the masses did and) switched over to a typepad account this week. The problem is that I’m cutting all costs (see post here for in depth comments on my finances) and even $5 a month seems like an expense I should do without for at least a few more months. I’m commuting further this year then I have in the past, and climbing gas prices aren’t helping my monthly budget!

Knitting: I am a starter, and have a hard time finishing things. (Denial was a wonderful thing that I enjoyed before blogging; now I find myself thinking about all of my projects and how much/little progress I’ve made on them!) Haiku is finished, and is pretty dang cute if I say so myself! My classmate, the little one’s mom, saw it in progress last week and thinks it’ll fit her beautiful 10 month old daughter. (the story goes something like this: I started a summer sweater for the little one before it was born, then, upon realizing it wasn’t going to fit a newborn, started (with new yarn) a fall sweater. That never reached completion and I started yet another sweater in a 12 month size in hopes that it’d be done by her first birthday. Mission accomplished! (and up here it’s cool enough in the early summer evenings to warrant having a sweater around.))

I’ve seen a few “flash your stash” links, and need to read more about it. My apartment is in an embarrassing condition right now, and having a reason to get all of my yarn together is a good motivator to get things picked up and organized. In an ideal world after we finish a system for school (like the GI system that was finished before break) I’d then sit down and organize and put away my notes. Unfortunately I find myself piling all of my papers and forgetting about them as I concentrate on the newest system (in this case, reproductive, or “repro”). The warmer weather is here (knock on wood!) and I’m ready to do some spring cleaning/organizing!

(I think it helps that I’m feeling a bit better too; I spent most of today in bed with tissues and cough drops and my laptop with season 6 part II of Sex and the City. I feel better, but am still clutching tissues for my next sneeze! I sound a lot like the characters on tv who all have “codes.”)

what will I knit next? I have a yoga mat bag that I need to whip up (one of my silent auction donations from awhile back) and I was reunited with my “lost” luggage this week and can now finish my Sonnet sleeves and get that sweater seamed and finished (I took it with me but it wasn’t as portable as Haiku was). I have a few other projects that I want to work on and at some point want to get back into my Dulaan knitting groove. (speaking of dulaan hats, I need to figure out how to line them with some fleece I have; Norma posted a great tutorial on how to line them, and I think it’s where I’ll start.)

if I'm able to get online tomorrow I'll post the happiness is post when I'm able to.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


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