Friday, April 01, 2005

a flash of my stash for your April 1st viewing pleasure. (I realize it doesn't look like a whole lot when compared to other people, but I was shocked to see how much yarn I had! The noro is on the upper right, cascade in the middle and the left is sock yarn and a few various wool yarns. The bottom right is cottons and other random yarns, and the Debbie Bliss cotton/wool is in the bag on the bottom left (hiding my vintage pyrex bowls that live in this built in!) I love that my apartment is older and has fabulous built in storage. (what you don't see is all the acrylic blends (for kids! for knitting for kids!) and other types of yarns hiding behind everything else)).  Posted by Hello


Blogger margene said...

Great looking stash with lots of room to grow! Good luck with your lottery!!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Charisse said...

Great stash!!!

10:41 PM  

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