Monday, February 07, 2005

A (quick!) break from my review of antibiotics

There are several different types of bugs that can make you sick; and for almost every bug there's a drug that (in most cases) will help you feel better. I knew them all last year but haven't had a reason to remember the difference between the classes or when one is indicated over another; boards are coming, and that's reason enough to get out my old notes and some current study guides. (It's foggy but slowly coming back... I do remember the importance of NOT giving an antibiotic for viral infections for fear of antibiotic resistance - a scary and real thing.)

I have a completed hat and half a pair of mittens done to send to Arizona (final destination: Mongolia) and am glad to be doing some simple knitting. The green hat was a 4x4 rib, and stretches out to (almost) fit my head or stay shrinked up to fit a small child's head. I like that it could fit several sizes or be given to someone who could grow with it. The mitten was done without a pattern because I couldn't put my hands on my pattern before I had to leave this morning - it came out okay and needs a thumb seam. I'll work on the other one during the next few days.

(I was able to knit in class today because the professor read from his powerpoints. Seeing as we have handouts that are almost verbatim with what he was saying I didn't need to take any notes.)

back to the wonders of cephlasporins and -cillians....


Blogger Alice said...

Powerpoint is evil - until professors learn how to use it properly, it's quite detrimental to medical education. At least it allows knitting time. Glad to see how you got out of your knitting slump - your hat will be such a nice gift for a Mongolian child.

7:38 AM  

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