Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happiness is....

- a picked up apartment
- chocolate chip banana bread
- rediscovering pictures and music that I'd saved to my computer (and then promptly forgot about)
- finding inspiration to do a bit of yoga this afternoon
- a second day of temps above 45 degrees F!

There is a huge difference between weekends that are pre-exam vs. those that are post-exam. I've spent limited time with a book in front of my eyes these past two days and it's been nice to feel like I can do what I want to do (instead of feeling guilty for not studying). My floors are picked up and vacuumed and all of my dishes are done and drying in the dishrack. It feels good to have things put away and cleaned up.

The picture below was taken during one of the staff trainings I went through to work at a summer camp. I'm hesitant to admit it, but I was a cheerleader in high school, and though I was never very good at the jumps when both feet had to leave the ground, I made up for it in getting one of them off the ground. I was one of the taller members of the team and was always one of the people throwing and catching other people - the stuff that, when I think about it now, leads me to cringe. I miss parts of it, and wish I had a reason like a team to be in such good shape now. (I was also on the math team and dropped cheering to join the swim team, so I wasn't the stereotypical cheerleader. I wasn't very good at the math meets, but the rest of the team humored me and let me tag along as a student/pseudomascot. Swimming was something I loved, but wasn't very good at competitively.)

I was run off the road and in a major car accident almost three years ago, and though I walked away from my rolled-over-and-completely-totaled car without any broken bones or other visible injuries, I haven't been the same since. The muscle tension and strange sleep patterns come and go with stress and make studying for exams that much harder. I've tried a few new things this year, and know that when I'm active, I feel better; which is why I'm trying to work more yoga and pilates into my schedule. (maybe I can get another picture like the one below - it gives me something to aim for....)

As far as knitting goes, I made a decision that the month of February is my month to knit for other people. I read about the Dulaan Project at Mossy Cottage Knits (see link on side) and went through my yarn to dig out skiens that will soon be hats and mittens for kids who need them. I've knit for local organizations in the past, and still want to work on the Project Linus Blanket to be donated here, but otherwise the small things I work on are headed for overseas. I also hope to start/finish the infant/toddler sweater, and that will move fast once I start it, which will be sometime this week.

This decision was made partially because I'm not inspired to knit anything for myself, but also because the season of Lent is quickly approaching. I do not consider myself to be religious, but am aware of what the time before Easter means to people of different faiths. Rather then "giving something up" I'm choosing to change my intention, and knit for others. (Knitting Karma has also come to my mind too and it's time I give back to the knitting universe that has been so kind to me.)

This rambling post has changed topics more then I had intended and my futile attempts are editing are just that, futile. The Superbowl has started, and I'll tune in now and then but really think it's going to be a wash with New England coming out on top. Post "#60: why I knit" is in the works and my first pot of coffee is done brewing. There's another thing to be happy about.....


Blogger Kristin said...

I just found your blog through the SP4 site. I am a maternal fetal medicine fellow. I am glad to find more medical people who knit, or knitters who are medical people -- which ever you prefer.

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