Monday, January 31, 2005

Test Mode

My needles have been replaced with highlighters and my decaf tea has been replaced with almost high octane coffee - this can only mean one thing: there's a big test this week.

I had a good morning up north and was able to relax and enjoy good conversation and a nice lunch before hitting the road and making my way back here. I thought I was in good shape for Wednesday, but a couple of "practice" tests (tests from previous years) have shown me that I still need to work out the details between a few diagnosises. The heart is a pump, with four sections and a few tubes going in and out; thus there's a finite number of things that we've learned about and need to know the details for. The things don't seem very finite now, but my hope is that by tomorrow evening this time they'll seem more manageable.

See you on the other side? or, rather, you'll see me on the other side.


Blogger Southern Needlework said...

Good luck on your test!

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