Thursday, February 03, 2005

The days of the week....

When a test is on a Wednesday I spend the rest of the week confused about what day it is. After the test is over that day feels like a Friday, and so today felt like a Monday even though it's really Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, and will feel like a Tuesday, and so by the time the weekend gets here I'll have felt like two weeks had passed, instead of just one. (Tests on Mondays are even harder to recover from!)

The neckline on the red sweater is finished and now it's ready for a bath and some blocking. I knit up a gauge swatch before I knit the sweater, but I didn't think to wash it and see how it looked after it'd gotten wet. (a mistake I won't make again because now I'm a bit worried about how much this sweater might "grow.") The wool is Bartlett Yarn, 100% wool 2ply in Mountain Berry and I hope it softens up a bit with a gentle dunk in my sink. It's warm - I enjoyed working on it because my lap stayed nice and warm. This is my first sweater for someone else, and I don't think it'll be my last!

The practice exam on the standardized patient went better then I thought it would; Overall I feel more confident and hope I remember that when it's time for me to actually do the exam on a patient.

Today started the two week stint known as the renal system, and it was hard to switch out of "cardio" mode during the renal physiology lecture today. Everything is connected, and chances are pretty good that if there's something wrong with someone's heart, there is another problem somewhere else; the same can be said for almost any other system, and the kidneys are no exception.

I worked on my ruby scarf duing lectures today and have convinced a fellow knitter that cables aren't so bad! I hope to have it done in the next day or two, and this weekend want to sit down and figure out what needs to be done to get the toddler sweater finished before I dive into another new project. I'm a starter and have tried to cut back on the number of things I start, and increase the number of things I finish. So far, so good! (the post on why I knit has been delayed but will show up at some point. I'll call that "thing #60 about me" because somehow I've left #60 out......)


Blogger trackingprojectbackpack said...

OMGoodness yes, I so know what you mean about getting days mixed up. For instance today there was no school because of parent-teacher conferences. So that means I don't have to work (I run an afterschool program at my daughter's school) and therefore seems like a weekend day.

SO my big hope with the snow we're getting tonight is going to be enough to call school off tomorrow and it'll be an extra long weekend.

Kendall Square looks like a mess. I'm assuming you're in Boston and hope you don't have to deal with that tomorrow morning.


11:36 PM  
Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

Wow, I am still so impressed that you knit during class - I feel like I would be able to concentrate, but I am definitely one of those people who needs to write things down in order to remember them...When I think back to all the class I sat through in the beginning of med school - I could have gotten so much knitting done! Kudos to you!

11:24 AM  

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