Wednesday, February 02, 2005

another twenty things

My mom's sweater now has sleeves and is waiting for a finished neckline - I'm going to do that this evening while watching Gilmore Girl DVDs; I will not be tuning into the State of the Union. The test was looooooong, and by the end of it I was tired and hungry. I was able to rationalize most of my answers, but still feel shaky about my performance. I am waiting, not so patiently, for the day when I will no longer have to endure 2-3 hour long multiple choice exams.

(there is a much more thoughtful post on why I knit and how it ties into med school in the works, but my brain is a lot like the mush left at the bottom of my bowl of cheerios if I take too long to eat them. Look for it tomorrow night, after I have my "Pr0state" exam preceptorship. (o exchanged for a zero because I'm not sure I want that coming up on a google search)
We practice on standardized patients; I'm glad we're doing it on people who are willing to help us learn (please no offbeat comments!) instead of on unsuspecting patients who may or may not be ill but I think this falls into the "first time is the hardest and someday I won't even think about it" category (though the comment Sharon left about her son's doctor comes to mind as well!).

41. I can drive a standard, plunge a toilet, backboard a possible spinal cord trauma in water and hook up a wireless network.
42. Being able to do things doesn't mean that I enjoy doing them.
43. I believe that turn signals are meant to be used.
44. I was a vegetarian (going vegan) for almost 6 years.
45. I am proud of my vintage tupperware.
46. I worry that I don't have enough "professional" clothing to wear when I have to wear it all the time.
47. If I could have lunch with any three people the people I'd pick right now are Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), Lyle Lovett and.........
48. When I am treating people (omt for example) I trust my hands more then I trust my eyes.
49. I used to have the world's best hampster. On nights like this, I miss her.
50. This apartment meets three of my criteria for the house I will someday own: wood floors, a huge clawfoot tub and a gas stove. The extra bedrooms, walk-in pantry and lakeview are still missing.
51. I've been west of the Mississippi but have never seen the Pacific ocean.
52.I think "The Singing Butler" and "Dance Me to the End of Love" are two of the most romantic paintings I've ever seen reprints of.
53. I'm no longer ashamed to sing along or talk back to the radio.
54. My thoughts on faith are in transition right now; I believe in the power of hope, intention, prayer, meditation, and positive thinking and reserve the right to add to or remove items to this list.
55. I like red wine.
56. I grew up with a cat, and can't wait until I can have cats (and a dog? and perhaps some rabbits?) of my own.
57. I still can't think of a third person to have lunch with, so, for today, I'm going to leave it at 2.
58. In college I took classes in ballet and modern dance. Now I wish I could make yoga and pilates are priority again.
59. I've been known to turn my cell phone off, dump it in my bag and not check it for days. I dread my future attatched to a pager.


Blogger Alice said...

I'm with you on the professional clothing thing. My school uses SPs for pelvic and GU exam teaching, too - a few months ago, the male GU SPs were featured in a Details magazine article on "Weird Jobs."

4:33 PM  

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