Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There was a tsunami not that long ago.

I haven't commented on it yet because I still can't comprehend the destruction that happened. Though I have a tv, I don't always get very good antenna reception and try not to watch the news. Instead I rely on morning edition and "all things considered" on National Public Radio, and occasionally news outlets on the internet.

(I haven't posted anything about my political views yet and should probably just come right out and say that I'm a liberal democrat who believe everyone should be valued: no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, age or experience.)

The pictures I saw on the news this week were more incredible (for lack of a better word) then I could have imagined. I am in awe of what this planet and mother nature are capable of, with no warning, explaination or guarantee it won't happen again. I am also in awe of the people of the world, ordinary citizens and people in all countries, who have pledged money to help the people who have survived, and need everything from a place to stay, food and clean drinking water. I have heard reports of people who will have to leave their villages because there is nothing left, and all I can do is send a good thought out into the greater universe in hopes that they will be happy again. I am lucky to be where I am, with an appartment and a car and to be in school. I have enough food to eat, clothes to stay warm in and plenty of extras to live comfortably.

I have been waiting to donate money but feel that I know where it's going now, and that I have figured out an ammount that is right for me. I don't know where my dontation will ultimately wind up, but I know that it will help someone. And that's all that matters.

In knitting news: I finished the yellow stripe on the Project Linus blanket and am up to three repeats of the cable on the ruby scarf. We have a silent auction (to raise funds for a conference trip in March) planned to start in a few weeks and I've been thinking about what would make good knitted donations. (It's a balance of time put into something and the ammount that already strapped med students will pay for it). Tomorrow I'm going to work on the green strip of the blanket in class, and work on the scarf at lunch. There's a snow storm headed this way and it looks like we might be let out of class early tomorrow afternoon....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share your speechlessness at the sheer magnitude of the tsunami destruction. One more way to prove that life is a series of random moments of luck....good or bad. We make our own meaning, and we'd damn well better make it count.
Sharon (Knitknacks)

11:31 PM  

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