Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happiness is....

- a parking spot near the front of my building
- a warm bath with new lavendar/vanilla soap
- new towels that are warm from the dryer
- a comfortable sweatshirt and well worn scrub pants
- coffee set up in the coffeemaker all set to be brewed tomorrow morning
- knowing that the yarn I ordered online today might be here later this week
- a chance to start this term off on the right foot; and knowing that even if I start it off on the wrong foot, it's not the end of the world.

that's right; tomorrow at 9am I have to revisit something from last term, and then at 1:00pm EST, the cardiology system starts. While I was in the tub earlier this evening I thought about what I'd bring to class to knit; I think I settled on the blanket. It's garter-stitched and though it might be a challenge keeping the two balls under my seat, I think it'll do for tomorrow. (long story short: I'm doubling it because it looks better and feels more substantial; in order to get two strands from the same ball my mom helped me wind it into two balls (on the plane while we were on the runway waiting to be de-iced in Ohio) and now I'm knitting from both of them.)

in the past my class knitting has varied from Christmas gift scarves to sweaters. I have a few projects going right now (see below, and later this week I'll detail them and what's in store) and I think the best way to ease back into sitting in the lecture hall is something that is easy. (I might bring along the ruby colored soft-twist scarf for lunch though...)

Truth be told, knitting in class is going to get me through medical school. For me, it's an active form of meditation, and when all else fails, I can concentrate on my project and feel as though my time is serving more then one purpose. Last term I found that if I simply took in the lecture, instead of trying to write it all down, I learned a lot more. I hope that's the case this year too.

I'll write more about why I knit in class as time goes by. For now, I need to go do some reading and climb into bed in hopes that I'll be up early to get some more work done.

May you have a good evening and a wonderful start to the first weekday/workday of 2005.


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