Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's only Tuesday?

the days after a "break" seem much longer; and thus I can't believe it's only Tuesday. Late in the evening of Tuesday, but still.

Tuesday nights are nights they only allow parking on one side of the street; this is a problem when I have meetings that last longer then 6pm but so far I haven't had to treck from too far away. I finally like where I'm living (that's another story for another day) and looking for parking once or twice a week is a small price to pay!

Knitting: I started the KittyPi with Reynolds Lopi yarn (navy blue), then continued it with a double strand of Lane Borgosesia (Knitaly yarn in a beautiful blue) and now that that's run out I'm working with a strand of another color knitaly (red) and a starnd of Naturespun (blue). It's an odd combo, and I'm sure if I were using the correct sized DPN's I would be using less yarn (I had 10 1/2's and wanted to start knitting - so I did. I don't have anything larger then a 10 in circular needles (in the correct length) and my other double pointeds are all smaller!) If this doesn't work well (read: doesn't felt at all and looks awful) I'll chalk it up to experience and work quickly to make something else for the receipent.

This afternoon, after my lab tutorial ended and before my meeting, I was sitting in a comfy chair knitting by the windows. The undergrads at the institution have chemistry labs in the "Med School" building, and today there were students all over the place working on end of the semester chem calculations. I overheard a few spirited conversations about ionic bonding, acid/base properties and vaporization energy. At one point I considered leaning over and giving them an answer (the biochem major in me) but figured it'd be easier if they just figured it out.

I was glad to be able to recall knowledge from several years ago though; there are some days when my brain feels so full I can't recall where I parked my car.

Pictures are coming - I just need to figure out how to upload them using the "bloggerbot" thing I downloaded.

Tomorrow is a full day of classes and I hope to be able to finish up the KittyPi and then work on/finish the body of the Christmas sweater. I've also got to un-cast-off the edge of a scarf and add a bit more to it; the future owner of it tried it on and said she'd like to be longer. I'm only too happy to oblige (a few more inches and I'll be done and she'll have a warm neck!).

G'night from here!


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