Monday, November 29, 2004

Weave me the Sunshine (and other fun songs)

I like to knit when I'm watching tv or a movie, but I also enjoy knitting with music on - playing from a cd player, my laptop or the radio. (I admit that my knitting is much tighter when NPR is on...)

Lately I've been searching for kids folk music. This was spurred on by the holiday postal service commercial that has the tune "Mail Myself to You" and after seeing it once or twice I had it stuck in my head for a day or so. Luckily, thanks to google, I was able to download it (for free!) from The artist is John Mccutcheon and it's on his CD of kids music. My other favorites are Peter, Paul and Mary (Around the Campfire) and Kenny Loggins kids CD. There's something about the optimism that comes with music geared toward the under 8 crowd.

I've been knitting up a storm, but haven't yet figured out how to post pictures. My Noro sweater is almost finished, but I think I'm going to undo a sleeve and line up the stripes. I don't think anyone else would notice, but I think it's why I've been putting off finishing it.

My mom's Christmas sweater is moving right along, and is easy to do in class (it was what I worked on this morning during the pharmacology lecture). I'm not happy with how uneven parts of it look and I'm hoping some blocking will even it out. The ladies at the Central Yarn Shop didn't have any suggestions when I took it up; they suggested that maybe my knitting would even out once I am not so stressed. At the rate I'm going (two and a half years of school left, three to four years of residency, three steps of boards, finding a place to practice and so on....) it's going to be 30 years before my stress level decreases. (the irony of me knitting to relax and reduce stress!)

I finished up a scarf for someone and am working on a scarf for me, and have a kittypi (thanks to WendyKnits) kitten bed on the needles as another Christmas present. I'm hoping to get pictures of everything up because then it'll be easier for me to write about them.

I'm off to do an evening patient encounter and then it's back here to knit and review for class tomorrow!


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