Saturday, January 01, 2005


a new year has begun! (my own new year started at my birthday last month, though I'll go along with the masses and welcome a new calendar year too!)

This is a big year in terms of school - this June I'll take my first set of boards, and then, after a month off, I'll start seeing patients in my clerkships. We have several systems to work through this spring - we start with cardiology, and before June we'll cover the GI, reproductive, endocrine and emergency med systems. There's much to be learned and a lot to be reviewed before being flung into the world of patients.

(next Tuesday I'm spending the morning in the operating rooms observing. Last year this time I passed out in the ER watching stitches being put in - I hope to fare better this time around and not wind up on the floor, or in a poor nurses arms.)

Knitting: My moms Christmas sweater is still sleeveless and the baby blanket for project linus is started, but getting too big to carry around. I'm doing a log cabin design and overall it's been fun to work on. I don't like how the yarn looks where I've picked up stitches along the edges, but I'm hoping it'll even out as I work on it. (I made mad progress on that when we were stuck on the runway in Cinncinnati (two t's or one?) waiting to be de-iced in what wound up being a huge blizzard.) I just started a scarf using some of my stashed deep red soft-twist (Berroco) and I played around with doing a seed stitch/cable design. Juries out on if I like the width of it, but it's a decent project to tote around.

finished projects: Levi liked his kitty pi bed, and his owner told me just last week that he still plays with it and sleeps in/on it. Two scarves have been finished and gifted, and both receipents were pleased. :-) (did I think to get pictures of the two scarves? no.) The scarf for my classmate was also finished and she put it on and loved it immediately.

I wandered by Yardgoods last week and saw a beautiful hand written sign that said they were having a 20% off handknitting yarn sale. I was going to go into the store to look for blanket edging anyway, so I meandered over to the yarn section. It was not a good idea.

They didn't have enough of the cascade quatro (220) in stock, so they ordered me some. I won't be in town to get it until my dentist appointment, though they offered to ship it to me. Since I'm going to have to go back (to pick up said yarn) I have started a wish-list of sorts, and have been thinking about what I want to work on, and how much I'll need. There's an auction coming up that I'll contribute a few things to, and I'd really like to learn how to knit socks this year.

(but sock yarn is a foreign concept to me - how many balls does it take to make a sock? where can I find a simple sock pattern that it almost fool-proof? I should have started this by saying that I have a sock in progress right now (I got a lot done on that while my car's entire exhaust system was being replaced in mid-December) and I don't love the way it looks. I'll post a picture when I finally do figure out how to do it...)

And when I don't love the way something looks, I don't finish it. My brother's scarf will never be finished because I hate the yarn I'm using. I picked it for the colors (Boston Bruin colors) and have been on the lookout for better yarn in similar colors (but it's hard to find bright bright yellow in something other then acrylic...). My noro sweater has a few inches on one sleeve to go - but the stripes don't match and I'm (again) considering taking it out and re-doing it. I've already done that sleeve twice, so perhaps third times the charm.

this Monday I head back to class. I feel like this break wasn't long enough, though when I look at all that I've done and all of the places I've been it feels like it really was three weeks off. I hope this term speeds by and things go smoothly.

Happy First of January, 2005.

I think 2005, the year I am 25 years old, will be a good one.


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