Friday, May 27, 2005

over the river and through the woods...

off to Cate's house I go....

Before the NHS&W weekend Cate emailed me to see if I was planning on venturing over, in hopes that we could meet up. I wound up staying local that weekend, and thought out loud (via an email) that perhaps I'd be at Cummington. Cate, the kind soul that she is, wrote me back and offered up her house if I wanted to split up the drive and spend the night there. I'm taking her up on the offer and am looking forward to knitting with people while kids run around. It feels like it's been a long time coming and I'm almost in disbelief that this weekend is here!

(the disbelief could be due to me having a mere 10 days left to study for boards; I'm choosing to ignore that little fact)

I think I have everything I need...I'm not usually a "make a list" person, but before trips it's my best method for not forgetting anything. (I make lists so that I don't forget the obvious things. for example, on the top of my list it says "YARN for striped sweater AND NEEDLES and THE SWEATER." Because, me being me, I'd only remember one part. (see previous entries) I restarted the sleeve only to rip it out again due to several small mistakes. Maybe I'll make progress on it this weekend?)

My first stop is going to be Webs - I have a mental list for what I want, and the ammounts that are most useful but really I'm just going for the experience. I thought I'd be on the road by noon but now it looks like I've got a 1:00 departure - it should give me just enough time to get what I want/need and look around a bit before they close (and I feel totally overwelmed!).

I am bringing a few board review books simply because I haven't been out of their sight in so long I'm not sure what they'd do without me. Sleeping with one under my pillow can't hurt, right?

My goal for the festival, aside from seeing sheep (I love sheep)and rabbits (I love rabbits) is to find a drop spindle. I'm hoping that one will jump into my hands and scream (or wisper) "pick me, pick me!" Otherwise I'm going for the experience, and for a chance to be with other people who love fiber as much (or more) then I do. I've got limited ammounts of cash and that should curb (some) of my purchases (though if they accept credit cards I make no promises....)

Then it's back here to dig into the books again, pausing only briefly to remember what a great weekend it was while I stare at my great finds. This is going to be a nice break.


Anonymous mamacate said...

See you soon! Don't forget to visit the warehouse at Webs. Tell them I sent you. They always laugh at me when I buy MORE yarn there. :)

1:50 PM  
Blogger J. said...

ok, since you are traveling I would strongly suggest that you leave the bookas at home then you will have more room for wool! And your not allowed to study anyway, I say so because you have worked so hard and I think you have earned a break. Not that it is my place to tell you what to do .... but I will anyway, hope you don't mind. Take care and have a fantastic weekend

5:31 PM  

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