Tuesday, March 08, 2005

so close!

I’ve almost finished the body of Sonnet, and will start on the sleeves tonight. I thought it was Wednesday all day today and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it finished by Friday; the “extra” day I have to work on it will help. (it’s Tuesday, it’s Tuesday, it’s only Tuesday….)

We don’t have assigned seats in the lecture hall, but being creatures of habit we all have “our” own seat. I claimed my seat sometime in the first few weeks of school last year (we all tried out a variety of seats before settling into ours) as a few people that now sit around me all settled into theirs. I have a coveted isle seat, and the guy who sits next to me is very aware (and always interested) in my in-class knitting. We enjoy sitting together because somehow we always manage to catch what the other one missed in the lecture, and can supplement our notes. Earlier this week I explained the curse of sleeves, and how I should probably do them first. Today he helped me wind my next skein of cascade into a ball, and I think now he has a new respect for what goes into making a knitted thing! (his exact words were “what is THIS all about?” as we neared the end where the nice skein loops sort of deteriorates and becomes a jumble of yarn.) Usually people around me help me catch my runaway balls of yarn in the middle of class (our 120 person lecture hall is tiered, and my biggest fear is that a ball will suddenly take off and roll down all the steps next to me, interrupting the lecturer down front! (I sit in the back third of the room; sitting in the front was for those who felt like fighting to maintain their seat; that’s just not my style.)

(would it be easier to get a swift and a ball-winder to make center pull balls? Yup. However, right now the money I could use to buy those is all being used for other things, like yarn.)

There are a few other pictures I have of people knitting at the sew-up. I’ll post them at some point, as I don’t think anyone will mind.

It’s icing and raining sleet/snow/rain – it changes every few minutes. (I can tell because the ice keeps hitting my window and “tinking” and the snow is sticking to the ledge!) With any luck it will be cleared up (and the streets will be sanded and clear!) by the time I have to head into class tomorrow. The next storm is due to be here Friday night, which works out okay for me. Our test is from 10-12 Friday morning, and I’m going to spend part of the afternoon at the used book store that supports Hospice (paperbacks are fifty cents, hardcovers are $1 and all proceeds go to hospice) and the yarn shops in town. (one that has an amazing selection of buttons that I foresee myself needing for Sonnet. I figure I can knit it and wear it without buttons Friday morning, as all of the knowledge I’ve knit into it (and will continue to work into it) will seep out without needing buttons.)

Ann kindly donated yarn door prizes for the sew-up, and like Wendy, I now have my first ever Rowan Cotton Glace yarn! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but a trip to the yarn store might help me figure it out…….


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oh! Let me know when you figure it out. I haven't a clue what to do with it!

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