Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It’s a snowday today; things were pretty messy this morning, but the plows have been out nonstop, and the roads are clearing up. The business district has an extended parking ban in place for tonight, but other bans have been lifted and I moved my car back to the street. It’s nice to have my own car back, and I was lucky enough to be able to drive through the snow in the parking lot without having to do too much shoveling. I need to make some mittens that have extra-long cuffs though, as the ones I have all come untucked and snow finds a way to work its way into my coat cuffs/mitten cuffs.

I woke up this morning thinking about how productive I could be with a whole day off; I was scheduled to have this morning off, and lined my books up last night so I’d have no excuse for not getting work done before class this afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s now mid-afternoon and I haven’t gotten nearly the academic work done that I had planned on doing! The day still has plenty of potential, but I need to switch gears and drag out the notecards so I make the most of the rest of the day.

I was disappointed that class this afternoon was cancelled because it was one of our only scheduled peds lectures with a lab. Tuesday afternoons are spent in an attendance required osteopathic principles and practices class, and after an hour lecture we have a 2-3 hour hands on lab that covers an aspect of osteopathic medicine. Today we were going to break up into groups and observe kids ages 2 mon – 5 years old and their caregivers and a doctor. We don’t have many opportunities to work with kids (for a variety of reasons) and I was looking forward to seeing how doctors examine fidgety toddlers, and how babies “help” make a diagnosis even though they can’t verbalize what’s wrong. I hope they reschedule the lab, but history has shown that getting patients all together for a make-up lab is never as successful as the original lab.

Yesterday I took the striped hat (the one I made that is modeled with Pooh and all the tangled blue yarn) into school and dropped it off for the mom only to find out that the baby due in March was born on Friday 25th! I remarked that I was “late” getting the hat to the office, and the staff all chuckled and said it was instead the baby, who was three weeks “early.” The baby is welcomed by three older siblings and I hear they are all doing well. It was a boy and I heard that after much deliberation they named him Tate.

The bears in the picture below didn’t multiply, I actually own more then one Pooh Bear. None of them are the same though; there are a few Disney ones, a few sears ones of different sizes and they all were bought as “insurance” from eBay. My original bear was stolen when an overnight bag of mine was taken from the car. Nothing in the bag was worth any money, but there were several things with immense sentimental value. Now I make sure the car doors are always locked, and after a few weeks of searching eBay was able to find a few bears like the one that needed replacing. Chances are pretty good that I’ll whittle down the 5-6 bears I have to 1-2 during the next move; they don’t do me whole lot of good packed away. (I hate to move; hate hate hate to move. I still have bins and boxes that are partially packed from my last move, and have done my own version of “Clean Sweep” every time I pack or unpack. I finally unpacked a few more things today and found a few bears.)

My secret pal put a smile on my snowed in face! The wool pictured is Rowan Big Wool and it’s beautiful shades of blue. The tote bag is a perfect size, and is much more fashionable then the plain canvas bags I’ve been carrying around. The pink thing is actually a keychain measuring tape, and the card is a wonderful black and white photo. It came all the way across the pond from the UK – thank you!

(I'm still taking sweaters apart for the yarn and knitting as fast as I can in hopes of getting a sweater finished for Saturday! I will be able to study and knit this afternoon, and that together with a fresh cup of coffee will make the day fly by!)


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