Tuesday, March 01, 2005


or, when all else fails.........dye something!

My other post for today is rambling and verges on boring - read ahead if you want, but consider yourself warned. Today I can't seem to get out of my own way, and my attention span is currently MIA. Perhaps it's cabin fever, or undiagnosed transient add, or maybe I'm just sick of studying and need a mental break?

Every time I sit down to study, I find myself staring out the window (it started to snow again and with the ever changing wind the flakes are going every which way and is beautiful from this side of the window), or realizing I don't have what I wanted to look at here next to me (I have a plethora of medical books that all present the material slightly differently and cross referencing them with lectures is key to making sure I've covered all the material) and then when I get up to get the additional book I find myself in the kitchen doing dishes even though there aren't any medical books IN my kitchen. But a clean sink begs for one thing, and it's something I haven't done in a few weeks, so I finally gave in and broke out the artificial everything drink mix and dyed some yarn.

today's color is red, and I did a few random snippets of yarn to see how they'd dye. Taking yarn out of others handmade sweaters is fun, but I have no idea what kind of yarn Therese used, and I figured if it took on color it would have to be either wool or cotton. (I don't think acrylic takes on color, but I could be wrong...) I also threw in some "natural" colored cotton I bought in a bargain bin last summer and some other 100% wool that I'm taking out of a sweater. So far I like what I see, and I'll post pictures once it's dry. (Right now I'm waiting for the water to really be clear and the whole shebang is in my (now clean) sink.)

Maybe now that I've felt productive today I'll be able to focus on the GI system. (The GI system is everything from the mouth to the anus and all accessory organs in between; there's a lot to learn and not a whole lot of time to learn it in (a recurring theme for those of you who have been reading along for awhile)). Time for a cup of tea and a five minute meditation, then it's back to work!

oh - today's the last day to vote in the Woolybuns colorway contest - voting ends at bedtime tonight!


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