Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The deadline looms....

T minus 2 days until the afghan sew-up (at which point I will be meeting well known knitting bloggers), and my sweater progress is at that strange point of maybe being done in time, but perhaps not. I wish I were flying and knew it'd be ready, or else was poking along and I'd give up because there's just no way it'd be finished. I have four hours of attendance-required classes tomorrow morning (including two lectures on the ins and outs of managed care) and another four hours of advanced cardio life support intro in the afternoon, so there will be plenty of time to knit and I should know tomorrow if there's a chance I can get it done.

This evenings news was sigh-inducing. ABC news reported that the (former tobacco lobbyist) Govenor of Mississippi is suing the state to reclaim the $20 million dollars that was won from a 1990's tobacco settlement (that came with the requirement of being used for smoking prevention) that for the first time in years is working to stop kids from smoking, so that the money can be applied to the state's deficit.

It all works out though, and 60 Minutes Wednesday (I watch an hour of tv while eating dinner and as a "studying/mental" break - don't get the wrong idea!!!) did a report on how one of the most endangered birds has learned to follow a small plane as a "mother" that teaches it how to migrate. One fifth of the this bird's population has successfully migrated to Florida from Wisconsin, and back again, year after year, and the program is still working. They are privately funded, and have no motives other then trying to help the birds. A real life "Fly Away Home" was enough to remind me that there is good in the world.

Back GI objectives and knitting......


Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

I'll be interested to see what you think of the managed care lectures - I feel that health professionals get far too few of these talks. I am learning much more about it in business school than ever, but it makes me sad to realize that the people who practice medicine are so far removed from how the policies are put in place. Good luck with the sweater!

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