Thursday, March 03, 2005

Close, but no cigar....

I tried, but it looks like my Sonnet won't be done for Saturday. What you see there (in the awful, taken at dusk so I had to use the flash and it didn't lay flat real well or sit up nice and neat picture below) is the completed right front and almost finished back; I could probably get the back and left front finished by tomorrow, but then have two sleeves to make! (I should learn from the wise and do the sleeves first....)

So I'm changing gears and going to attack (in a very nice way) my noro sweater. I'm unhappy with the sleeves (they don't decrease fast enough and look very baggy) but for now will just take the cuffs out and lengthen the sleeves. I need to add more length to the body too so that it feels long enough. It looks like an okay length in the mirror when I have my arms hanging at my sides, but who goes through their day with arms by their sides? certainly not me, and I want another inch or two (or maybe three if I'm feeling generous, or loose track of where I am - I'll let you guess which is more likely) so that I'm not worried about showing off my middrift. This sweater was made with a generic "fill in the blank pattern" that I love, so I don't feel bad about tweaking my final product. (I hate patterns; and by that I mean that I like them, but enjoy feeling like I have the freedom to alter it as I see fit.) I had plans to revisit this in a few more weeks, but having a good reason to tackle it now is a much better plan!

(with any luck Sonnet will be done by next Friday and all of the GI knowledge I've knit into it will come in handy during the system exam!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, "knitting knowledge" into your sweater could be an interesting approach to cheat sheets! :)


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