Sunday, February 27, 2005

Happiness is.....

- graham crackers with peanut butter
- a clean, picked up and vacuumed apartment
- a new addiction to taking thrift store sweaters apart to recycle the yarn
- classes that start at 2pm tomorrow
- no exams this week
- learning that a “real” brand half gallon of milk is 60 cents cheaper then the “store” brand milk if I buy it at the Asian market (where I can get produce for a fraction of grocery store prices!)
- remembering to buy TP
- the thrill of starting a new knitting project!

This weekend has been nice because I haven’t had any commitments. As I’ve alluded to before, I live in a city with standing parking bans; Sunday nights I can’t park across the street and Tuesday nights I can’t park on this side of the street. There are many more spots available across the street, but either of these nights there’s a chance I won’t get a parking place and need to park in the park. The past few weeks I’ve done all of my running around on Saturday and been able to park on this side of the street and leave my car there through Monday morning. It means that I can stay in my pj’s (scrubs) and enjoy not having to go anywhere (and not worry about having to move my car!).

(Tuesdays are harder to plan for because I’ve got a required class in the afternoon; if it runs late or I have a meeting chances are pretty good I’ll be parking in the park. The park across the street is beautiful, and I’m lucky to live across the street from it; it’s like having a huge lawn that I’m not responsible for! And once the pond defrosts and they turn the fountains on I’ll be continually distracted by the lights that dance with the water all night long! The problem with the park is that there are plenty of documented instances of robbery and other (worse) crimes; I’ve never felt unsafe, but if I’m parking there do try and make sure I have a metal knitting needle (or two) within reach.)

(note: this is a retyped post because my wireless network went down in the middle of publishing the original; I’m trying to be as witty as I was in the first post while trying not to let my frustration eep in…I think people above me/somewhere around me have moved in and set up their own network, hence my problems. I can’t figure out how to password protect “my” network and need to call tech support tomorrow to see what can be done about it. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but it’s the first time I’ve lost things!)

My Dulaan knitting has been put on hold this weekend; partially because my wrist is bothering me, and partially because going to the sew-up bee next weekend warrants me wearing something hand-knit. February was my month to knit for other people but I think it’ll carry on into March as well. (In my head) I agreed to knit 20 things for the Dulaan project, but I’ve increased that to 30 things, as a way of justifying (to myself) knitting a sweater over the next week. Knitting hats are easy, and I can do one a day (in this case a day = four+ hours of lecture) so another 10 items won’t be hard to do. I’ve also re-discovered the joy of knitting through knitting for other people and have plans for several additional projects (socks for my mom, the sweater for my classmates little one and a few other small things for other little people).

I’ve been having waaaay too much taking apart thrift store sweaters. Therese’s handmade creation yielded several huge balls of unknown fiber, and I’m still working on undoing Barbara’s hand embroidered stitching. My dad is going to rig up a “two nails on a piece of wood” thing so I’ll be able to skein the yarn, and figure out how much I’ve got. I took apart a commercially knit wool sweater for the olive green yarn and can’t wait to use it! I should add that any yarn I get from these sweaters will be used for me, not for gifts. Buying yarn for projects for other people is too much fun and justify-able to my budget.

I’m ready for March to be here. February was a hard month – I touched on some of it before, but things have been harder then they should be and (hopefully) now the worst is over. I’m ready for the lion-like start of March, and think that the calming that comes with the lamb-like ending will be a nice change. We have a week of “spring break” in there, and though I’ll spend a few days in Reno at a conference, I think (hope?) the time will fly by…..


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