Thursday, January 27, 2005

knitting rambling

I thought I'd have pictures to share, but they didn't come out that great and there really isn't a whole lot to see in them (they are similar to the ones I've already posted).

My ruby scarf has a few more repeats in it, and it's moving slow, but I can see that it'll be worth it. I haven't memorized all 16 lines of the pattern yet, but it's getting easier to anticipate what is coming next. I thought I'd do a silvery/grey/gray one for the silent auction, but I've changed my mind. The donations are slowly coming in and I've already pledged a strawberry hat (pics are awhile back) and a made-to-fit and match yoga bag carrier (pattern but I'll change it as needed to fit the persons mat and let them pick the color). If donations slow down I'll consider another scarf, or perhaps something else, but for the time this scarf is taking it isn't worth it.

The red sweater for my mom has the beginnings of a new sleeve (in this case the third time really will be the charm! I'm going to leave my noro sleeves as is because they are growing on me and as Lorette pointed out - it's part of the quality of the yarn). It's going to move fast and is something I can work on while I'm studying tomorrow.

Tonight I have a huge headache and am going to head to bed early. I turned my skeins of dyed yarn into balls and want to start mittens sooner rather then later. I like the colors more when they're all balled up next to each other and look forward to my next experiments.


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