Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A finished Noro Sweater

This studying interruption is being brought to you by an (almost) finished sweater:

I reached that stage of studying where I am on a roll; I can recognize most all of the different types of irregularities on ekgs and now think that there's something wrong with a "normal" and healthy ekg. So, with my eyes still in the book, I reached over and picked up my "still needs a sleeve finished or ripped out and started over" Noro Kureyon sweater and re-evaluated the mismatched sleeves. I didn't hate them, and was only a few inches away from being done. So I made the executive decision to just finish it, and see what it looked like. I've read enough about Noro to know that even if I were to rip out the sleeve and go back and reknit it (third times the charm?) there's a chance I'd come across a knot and the whole plan to have it match would be out the window (again).
I'm not sure if my own usual "want the stripes to line up" anal retentiveness is being masked by the joy of having the sweater finished and if at some point I'll regret not going back, but for now, it's done.

(I don't have a full length mirror and have to rely on the "hold the camera up and push the button and see what you get" method till I go home for an appointment next week. I'll kindly ask my mom to weave the ends in too - I hate finishing things and she's offered that if I can get a project done that far, to do the rest. I plan on taking her up on this offer again and again and again...)

Now back to your regularly scheduled radiology review......


Blogger Lorette said...

I think I'd leave it with the sleeves the way they are. Part of the beauty of Noro is in the seeming randomness of it.
I've never been able to study and knit. I listen to audio books and knit, but medical texts and knitting just don't work for me...might have to try it again!

2:26 PM  

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