Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If all the other knit bloggers jumped off a bridge...

I'd jump too. But I'd wait until at least a month or two had passed, then realize what I was missing and do my best to catch up.

some examples? I love the Clapotis (that I pronounced like it rhymed with "platypus" until I read that it's "Clap-o-tea") and love seeing how people are making them in lots of different types and shades of yarn, but it will probably be another month or two before I start/finish the other things I want to get to and find yarn that I love for it. (okay, I might have found yarn that I'd love to use for one, but my fixed income student budget and the other projects have stopped me from committing just yet...)

and I've been reading about dying with kool-aid for the past few months. I've thought about trying it, but didn't know where to start, or what type of yarn to use, or what colors would come out as what and so on and so forth. Historically dying things hasn't been a problem for me. At one point in time (during my years as a lifeguard (etc) on staff at a summer camp) I was known to tie dye anything that was white and not tied down. I had waaaay too much fun with the dye, the colors, the combinations and the different techniques - and with not much else to do some evenings, it was a nice way to pass some time. (I always got complements on my brightly colored socks and people always knew it was my laundry sitting in the dryer.)

I have been doing some reading (during the small amount of time I have that isn't spent studying!) and was on the knitty site (thanks for the idea of the broadripple socks Rachel!) and stumbled across the article they did detailing how to dye with drink mix and what "flavors" look like as finished products. It was the last bit of inspiration I needed. I stopped on my way home last night and picked up some Patons Merino wool and some drink mix and set it all up. I probably had too much yarn and not enough drink mix, but all in all, I'm happy with the results (for a first time trial. Next time I'll know what to do differently) and hope to have a pair of mittens whipped up before too much longer. (they are far down on the list - behind finishing my moms sweater, finishing a small project I started for little one, and my silent auction knitting - but the joy of starting a new project is enough to keep me going on the current ones.)

I had an OMT preceptorship today and osteopathic principles and practices class this afternoon. It's a class that has a lab portion, and so I only got an hour or so of knitting done. I'm at "tricky" spots on the above mentioned projects and so in order to simultaneously knit and pay attention I picked up my Project Linus blanket to work on. It's fun to work on because I'm working on my continental knitting, but man'o'man those rows just keep getting longer! It's getting bigger and bigger and I hope to have it done by the end of February.

We have our ekg and cardio radiology exam tomorrow at 10am so tonight will be spent studying, and I'm guessing not a whole lot of knitting will get done. I'll make up for it tomorrow during our afternoon class and tomorrow night when I will sit and watch some of the movies I've gotten in the mail the past few days. Our cardio system exam is next Wednesday and I'll hit the ground running on the objectives I haven't worked on yet on Thursday. Time is going to start doing that funny thing where it moves both faster and slower then I am expecting it to; it's a phenomena that is hard to explain, but my classmates and other grad students I've talked to know what I'm talking about.


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