Sunday, January 23, 2005

Happiness is....

- a fresh cup of Newman's Own Decaf coffee (black) and stale gingerbread men cookies for dunking
- The NE Pats up 24-3 at halftime
- knowing that my car will start tomorrow morning (and the radio will play!)
- being almost done with all of the paperwork I have to turn in tomorrow.

The weather outside is frightful. And frigid. And blustery. 'Tis part of living in New England?

The city extended the parking ban that was due to end today at noon through tomorrow at 7am. I'm not parked that far from my appartment and have no idea what I'll face tomorrow morning - the snow drifts are unpredictable and the only thing I can do is keep a good thought that the wind blew all the snow away from my car!

My brother's scarf is all but finished and I hope to have it in the mail to him by the end of the week. I knit it in the round on a 16" US 8 with cascade 220 and it I knit 5 1/4" blocks until I ran out of yarn. I wish it were 8" longer (it's 42" now) but I special ordered the yarn because that color yellow wasn't available anywhere locally and I don't want to wait to give it to him. My classmates will be sorry to see the "really long bumble bee sleeve project" (their terms) end, but I'm glad to have made good on my deal to knit him a scarf. I gave everyone else in my family a scarf for Christmas in 2003 - he reminded me this year that he still hadn't gotten one and I got right to work on it. Sorry it's taken so long P!

I have spent the majority of my weekend with my nose in this book. It's on loan from someone, and it's more then worth it's weight in gold for understanding EKGs. The doctor who comes in to lecture is good, but it's been helpful for me to have explainations with concrete examples sitting in front of me (vs. my somewhat illegible notes). Our test on EKGs and cardiac radiology is Wednesday and I think I'll be ready for it. (I hope I'll be ready for it!)

We have another long day of classes scheduled for tomorrow, and I think I'm going to try and get my mom's sweater sleeve started tonight so I can take it in and work on it. I've started (and taken out) the first sleeve twice, and I'm hoping that the third time's the charm. I knit tighter on dpn's then I do on circulars and the last time it was obvious where I'd switched needle types. Once I get going it will move quickly so I'm hoping to have the whole sweater done by the end of the week.

I joined the Secret Pals 4 (or as I've been calling it SPIV) group and am excited to get started. I signed up for two reasons: one being that it'd give me a reason to read knitting blogs, and two being that I love buying yarn for other people. My mom witnessed my yarn buying excitement during our last trip to the lys, and I leave the store even more giddy when the things I'm buying aren't for me. I'm looking forward to learning more about my sp and can't wait to get started.


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