Thursday, January 20, 2005

My first pair of socks is


I'm so excited to have them on my feet right now - they're the same size (aside from the upper part being a bit looser in the first one I knit) and even though the stripes don't match, they do line up. I'm happy with them, and will wear them with pride. (another pair, here I come! after I finish the scarf, my mom's sweater and a few silent auction things...)

I knit away in class this afternoon, checking my measurements every so often. I either got too caught up in what the professor was lecturing about or didn't realize I'd knit so far down, and at one point I checked and realized I was an inch past where I needed to be to start the toe decreases! I took out the extra rows (and nothing draws classmates to a knitting project then when they see you undoing what you've spent the last hour working on) and before I knew it, had a completed sock!

I also finished a gusto hat; I started it last year, but never got around to putting the stitches on dpns from the circular needle. It's been chilly here, and I can't have too many hats, so I finished it up and voila! It's gotten a lot of complements from my classmates, and I always let them know that it's a beginner level project and if they want to try knitting I'll get them everything they need. I haven't had any serious takers yet, but I have had a few people ask me if I'll show them the basics. I helped get someone started on a beginners swatch for another hat, but we ran out of time before classes ended (and everyone took off) and last I heard she had abondoned it. After the cardio system exam (part of it is next week, the rest is on Feb 2nd), I'm going to ask if she wants to get together again; I don't want to push knitting on anyone, I just want her to know that I'm more then happy to help her get started again.

(the yarn on the hat did something strange - there are sideways purple "v's" all around the bottom edge. It's a random color scheme but didn't look like it when I started!)

We got more snow then they had predicted last night and tonight there's a parking ban. It means that I need to be up early to move my car out of the municipal lot, but that'll get me up and moving and into school in time to review ekg's before class starts. I'm going to bring the yellow/black scarf and see if I can put a dent in it. I'd hoped to put it in the mail this weekend, but at this rate it might be Monday.

My CSA went okay; I got high points for patient interactions and listening to the patient, but I think I misdiagnosed an anemia and ran out of time explaining the different types of arthritis to a patient. I have A LOT more to learn and be comfortable with before I feel anything like a "real" doctor. Putting together what we've learned in class with what a patient presents with is harder then I thought it'd be. I'm glad we have exercies like todays to try before we're let out "on our own" this summer. (we're always under the care of a supervising doctor, but they'll expect us to know the basics and how to ask the right questions that will lead to a diagnosis.)


Blogger Sharon said...

Here is another story about my son. You'll appreciate this as a med student: My son announce one day in the car that he wanted to me a doctor when he grew up. I, of course, enjoyed a 'proud mommy moment.' Then I realized that my son is more than a bit of a rascal so I asked him, "Why?" His reply: "So I can get paid to see people naked!" Great.

A couple of days later, we were at our family doctor for my son's checkup. I told him this story and he turned to my son and said in the driest voice ever, "It isn't all that's cracked up to be!" I'm thinking that he feels like he hasn't been paid enough to see some of his patients nude!

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