Saturday, January 22, 2005

another 20 things about me

knitting/blizzard news to follow (after I learn all about conduction blocks and how they can be determined via EKG readings; this was compiled during breaks from the chapters on arrhythmias and hypertrophy)

61. I’ve never “really” tried spinning, but called and talked to my dad today about making a drop spindle. I’ve seen them used before, and tried using one (once!) and think that if it’s inexpensive to make one and fairly inexpensive to buy some “real” wool then why not? (I don’t have the budget or time to learn how to use a wheel….yet.)
62-67. The two teeth on either side of my front two top teeth aren’t real. When I was 10ish we changed dentists because our dentist was retiring. New dentist meant a new set of “new-fangled” x-rays (the older guy didn’t seem to believe in them) and they revealed that the teeth we thought were up in my gums, weren’t there. At all. Congenitally missing lateral incisors. Now I can look back on the 10 years I spent with
- braces (in and out of them followed by another round of “in” for a total of 3 ½ -4 years),
- retainers (a solid year with them all the time, partially to hold my teeth where they were but also because I had two “fake” teeth stuck on them and when I took the retainers out, the teeth went with them),
- bridgework (because I was deemed too young for surgery and implants after the first round of braces/retainers/etc) that occasionally fell out (one “tooth” fell out so many times I could almost anticipate when it was due to “spring free.” The worst was when I was in my first year of college in another state and had to find a prosthodontist willing to look at an 18 year old who was relying on other classmates for rides to and from his office.)
- and eventually surgery (to place two platinum screws into my jaw and a bone graft (from donated bone)) followed by the “uncapping” of the screws and eventually placing of the teeth (all together a three month ordeal and the intial surgery was the day before my 21st birthday; during the “healing time” I went on a bio research trip to the Bahamas and the swelling went down enough to see the screw tip. I called home frantic, and after my mom made a few phone calls I had an appointment for as soon as I was back in the northeast.)
- and many, many, many, many dentist/oral surgeon/prosthodontist/orthodontist appointments and smile. Literally. (I’m also prone to cavities because I’ve inherited the soft enamel covered teeth that grow cavities if you look at them the wrong way. Needless to say I hate going to the dentist.)
68. I own two rocking chairs. I love rocking chairs. (not gliders, rocking chairs.)
69. One of them is from when I was an infant; it leaves marks on wood floors, and after my parents had the floors refinished they banned it from the house. I asked/begged them to hold onto it for me, and it’s moved with me 6 times in the last 4 years. Each time I move it my parents see it and let me know they’re glad I asked for it.
70. My other rocking chair was a college graduation gift. It’s the “university chair” that is black with gold accents and has the school crest and my whole name engraved (do you engrave wood? What’s the word I’m thinking of…) into it. It’s beautiful. And it was a complete and total surprise.
71. I love Winne The Pooh. (my bear is a 1980’s “Sears” Bear and impossible to find outside of ebay. Given the choice I prefer “classic” pooh to the “disney” pooh.) I think the books are best appreciated as an adult.
72. I love the BBC and British Humour.
73. I can’t wait to get back out to Las Vegas to see the Cirque Du Soleil shows I haven’t seen yet. In my next life I hope to be a Cirque performer.
74. I’m secretly planning a trip to Montreal to see the “new for 2005” Cirque show during the four days I have “off” after I take my boards in June.
75. I’m looking forward to the show and the trip. Not looking forward to the boards.
76. I was disappointed the Red Socks didn’t win the World Series at home.
77. My stethoscope tubing is navy blue.
78. I hate to have my picture taken but love photography.
79. I am at my best in the early and late evenings and at night. I can’t even pretend to be a morning person.
80. If it were possible to subscribe to a newspaper that offered only good news, the horoscopes and a wide range of comic strips, I’d be the first to sign up.


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Winnie-the-Pooh taught me how to read. I used to beg my mom to read it to me, and I got so tired of her saying not now, I'm busy, that I learned to read it myself. Pooh Bear rocks!
Sharon (Knitknacks)

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